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2 Best ways to share files at lightning speed


Today in the world of technology, it is all about wireless connectivity and mobility. And so the devices whether it is mobile or tab or a laptop or a smart watch or a chromebox. Whatever, the ultimate aim is the connectivity over the air and on the go. So, why still hanging out with cables and usb/hdmi ports. Just go through the post to know How-to share files at lightning speed.

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Here, in this post the two awesome apps I found to be the best and would certainly bought them even if they are paid apps. Yes, these are such kind of apps which made transferring files, so simple so ease that one would remain astonished for atleast a min. or two.

Superbeam :

Superbeam, the name itself defines what this app is., rocking speed for the first time I tested the transferring speed with a 2 gb file, it hardly took 1 1/2 min. Again I am reminding this is without a cable. Wifi direct is there for quiet a long time but none use it because of its complicated setup and approvals.

The superbeam app uses the same wifi direct technology, simplifies all those setup and approvals into a one single click. Superbeam makes file sharing as convenient and fast as it should have been, because it is 2014 already!

Apart from mobile to mobile transfer the pro version also includes the pc to phone transfer as well.

superbeam on apple pc android and tablets

Google Play Store : Superbeam

For PC/Laptop : Windows/Mac/linux

Official Website : Superbe.am


Air-Droid :

Whenever I login to ma system One first thing I used to do is Open a new tab in chrome and enter the ip address airdroid, one best multi tasking and a must have app nexusandmegenerated by airdroid app and scan the QR Code. That’s it yippee, your smartphone is now in your chrome browser. 

Here the copy paste is regarded as download and upload as it is a web app. Everything is over lan, provided both should be on same lan. Even in case of superbeam too both should be on same lan.

Other features include Notification mirroring, Drag & Drop files to a folder directly(no need to click the Upload button), Sending SMS with a file attachment, Android Device Manager etc.

So, now say goodbye to those apps, which does a single task and say yes, thumbs up to multi-tasking apps like this.

Google Playstore : Airdroid

Official Websiteairdroid.com

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