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3 Best IP based file transfer apps you need know

IP Cast, Super Beam, ES File Explorer are 3 best IP based file transfer apps Nexus and Me

File transfer is never been an easy task since the android has its debut. Android has taken the file transfer system to whole new level from single to bulk, wired to wireless and also brought some new technologies into light like NFC, Wifi-direct and more. If you are an android user there is nothing to say about its awesomeness. Even $22,000 Vertu Mobile is running on Android. What the hell, can’t they have their own operating system. :p

And coming to today’s ip based apps they are handy, useful and recommended over other apps because they doesn’t require any Login’s, server or app installations from receiver’s side. If your mobile and laptop are connected to same WiFi then you are good to go. As the whole thing depends or carries on same IP.

IP Cast :

This is quite straight forward app and we does like it. Just fire whatever content on your phone straight to your laptop/PC and open the IP address provided in your browser. That’s it, the file gets downloaded automatically at lightning speed. Whatever file whether its a music or an app it doesn’t matter, as the app supports almost all file formats.

And the word Cast over here doesn’t play things it just downloads as soon as we tap on an image/music/video/app. The interface is clean and minimalist the menu to the left is sorted out into 4 categories File manager, Apps, Images & Videos and Music. File manager will be by default and is for casting other file formats.

IPCast Android Nexus and Me

The IP Cast web app also supports SEND files, Sending and receiving files is a breeze. Though the app seems simple but powerful when compared with other apps in its category and one should try on his/her phone or tablet. To download go through the link down below.

Google Play StoreIP Cast

Super Beam :

Superbeam is an other popular app known for its unique features and the ability to transfer files at lighting speed. Superbeam supports almost all types of means which the mobile supports and thus transfer files using one best channel. Superbeam also includes the IP based file transfer under “OTHER DEVICES” tab. If you haven’t gone through that then try it today, as this mode of transferring doesn’t demand superbeam a must on receiver’s device as the work gets done with a pre-installed browser. Just write the provided ip address in receiver’s web browser and click the download button. That’s it.

Super Beam Nexus and Me

Cool, isn’t it. To download go through the link down below.

Google Play Store : Super Beam

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ES File Explorer :

This is actually a file manger by name but if go through the whole set of options under “Tools” or “Network” Tabs you will never again consider this as a basic file manager like others. Why, just go through the below screen shot.

If you are using a dedicated app for hiding files, speed booster, app manager etc on your phone then just go ahead and uninstall them as the current ES File Explorer does all. And coming to today’s IP based file transfer the option will be under Tools > Remote Manager and enter the whole ip address in your PC browser. That’s it your phones sd card is right in your browser just go through the folders and download the desired file.

3 Best IP based file transferring apps you need know Nexus and Me(2)

This Remote manager doesn’t support Send Files. But recommended as it is more than a file manager. To download go through the link down below.

Google Play StoreES File Explorer

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