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3 Best leanback and control apps you need to know

youtube leanback a chromecast alternative

Today out of 10 guys 6 were using an android device. See, how far the Google’s fine product has gone. Android has changed the way we see things and their functionality. If we have working Wifi at home or in office we can do miracles, the phone which is in your hands can act as a remote, mouse or even as a joystick.

Yes, here in this post the three awesome apps which I am going to share makes your jaw drop for sure.

Air stream :

Stream PC over the Air  This is the app which made me to write this post. The app lets the whole 1 terabyte of my laptop storage on my phone what would one need more than this. No need of data cables, copy-paste, otg’s and no more “running out of storage” notifications.

airstream_leanback_and_control_nexusandmeRequirements : 

1. AirStream PC Suite for Windows, Apple and Linux.

2. Airstream app for Android, Apple

3. Working Wifi.

official website : http://airstream.io/

Note: To use Airstream over internet just restart your router or just unplug the dsl cable wait for 2 sec. and plug it again.


 Unified Remote :

This is the app I found as an alternative to my mouse when it stopped working. Apart from wifi mouse the app also

unified_remote_leanback_and_control nexus_and_meincludes file manager, chrome another options which lets you control your system just like a tv with a remote. Yes, the app turns your phone into a remote control. So what all you need to do is just lean back and control.

Requirements :

1. Unified Remote Server(pc suite) for windows, apple, linux and other click here!

2. Unified Remote App for AndroidiOS and Windows

3. Working Wifi.


Youtube Leanback :

Everyone even a child know what is youtube. But how many of you know that there exists a leanback webapp which lets you control/play youtube videos on a TV or Computer. You might have noticed the small tv icon in the youtube app for android. That’s the icon which casts the screen on your tv/computer, even the chromecast does the same.

youtube_leanback_control_nexus_and_meHow-To :

1.  open https://www.youtube.com/tv in your PC/Laptop browser.

2. Now click the Gear icon?(settings) and Pair the device using the Youtube app(tv icon at right-side top corner).

3. That’s it and you are now connected.

this doesn’t rely on same wifi. So, even you are on data connection or some other wired connection the above works like a charm.

For Volume use the ‘volume buttons’ on phone,<<previous pause next>>  everything works wirelessly. No matter whether you have a chromecast or not. Enjoy the stunning videos on a big screen.

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