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3 Reasons Why I Hate Themer App

themer nexus and me

Themer is undoubtedly an awesome app in personalizing android and is so popular because of its one-click setup. Though the app stands unique of all the customizing apps but lacks many key features like icon edit, folders under app drawer, Google Search’s hotword and more. Apart from these the app also has certain other constraints which cannot be overcome and the frequent crashes. To be frank themer is not meant for daily use. Why? Here I am going to point those constraints or issues which I felt bit inconvenient and annoying while using themer

1. App Drawer :

One major back drop of themer is its App drawer. Fixed grid, no option for icon edit for apps under app drawer, can’t hide those tabs on top, though we create a new custom category we don’t have option to edit that category icon. And the whole process of creating a new category and adding up apps to it takes atleast 4 steps. Next comes the app preferences, themer doesn’t takes system apps by default for icons on home screen, if there are more than one email or messaging clients, themer shows all those apps which comes under that category. And this is one extra setup we have to do manually. Though the app drawer sorts all the apps by categories but shows only 4 i.e., a collapsed view, if you don’t find the app you were looking for here again we have go through that category menu > expand and then, the app.3 Reasons Why I Hate Themer App Nexus and Me (2)

2. Homescreen and Widgets:

Themer is all about home screens. Yes, the themes are really elegant unique and beautiful. But who praises, the guy who don’t know about themer or a windows phone guy. Themer is so popular that every one aware of its themes and also about its frequent crashes and limitations.

Coming to home screen, as before the grid is fixed and if you thought of wallpaper other than the one comes with themes. I am sure it doesn’t match. And upon adding a new home screen the same theme is added to all the screens and if you wish to change those icon sets or widgets – colors or size or alignment which in turn requires Zooper widget pro, which is a paid app.

And the widgets, if you try to add one to your home screen either it doesn’t match with the the theme you have applied or the grid that mismatches. Apart from these we can’t access Ok, Google! upon installing themer over Google Experience launcher.

Themer Nexus and me

3. Bugs and Crash Reports :

This is one annoying thing in themer. Frequent crashes, though the app restores automatically but the crash report that is generated should be sent immediately, if not the report keeps on popping and this requires an internet connection. What the hell! If we make any changes to either homescreen or appdrawer it results in “loading…” screen for a while. If everything is okay it will be fine. If not the same repeats. I am afraid to make even a little changes to the themes thinking of what would happen next.

Apart from these I recently changed the dpi of the navbar using Nexus Navbar an Xposed module. Later thought of applying a theme, to my astonishment the themer didn’t show any themes that fit my screen and end up with an Error pop-up.

3 Reasons Why I Hate Themer App Nexus and Me (3)

So, these are the three main reasons why I hate themer. My current theme/launcher is Nova Launcher. There are about 120 apps in  my app drawer all are well organised, sorted and specified to their own custom category, folders and tabs. And finding an app is just 2 taps away. As I use gestures and the shake to unlock/load app features most of the times. And the recent update to nova launcher is a much awaited feature ever since the debut of Google Now. Yes, Nova launcher now allowing Google Search’s hotword right from the home screen, just say the words Ok, Google.

Nova launcher features all those lacking features and customization options in themer. Nexus and Me recommends Nova launcher over all personalizing apps out there on Google Play Store.

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