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Android Webview App Source code with Firebase, Admob & Push Notification integration for just $21


Do you own a responsive Website/Blog? then probably this is the right time to have a Android App to keep your users always engaged by sending Timely Notifications. With Firebase integration now you can analyse, track your apps performance on Google play and optimize it accordingly. Let it be app installations/uninstalls, Notifications sent and opened statuses, ad clicks and lot more other features all you can analyse, track in one single dashboard.

The app also comes with Admob integration and can be linked to Firebase with one single click. Both Banner and interstitial ads have been added in the code. What all you need to do is generate an ad unit on Admob and replace the Ad unit ID with yours in the Source code.


The Source code comes with documentation. So, you don’t need another guy to do the job for you.

No coding required*

Just get the Source Code > Follow the documentation right from the beginning > Generate your Signed apk and publish it on Google Play.

Cool…isn’t it!


  1. Windows PC with Eclipse or Android Studio
  2. Responsive/Mobile ready Website/Blog
  3. An Android Device or AVD to test the app.

What’s new in Version 1.7?

  1. Firebase Integration
  2. AdMob Integration both Banner and Interstitial ads
  3. Double tap back button to Exit App
  4. ‘Open with’ Open a shared/external url with your app.
  5. ‘Refresh’ option under Menu over flow.


      1. Simple and Straight: Just place your Mobile Website’s base URL in the code, where required and you are done.
      2. No Coding Required: No need to write code at any stage but basic knowledge is required.
      3. Firebase Integration With firebase integration now you can track App install/uninstalls, Earnings, Notifications set/opened statues right in your firebase console and analyse how to increase your apps engagement with users
      4. Push Notifications: Keep your registered users always engaged by sending Timely Notifications.
      5. Splash Screen: Draw your users attention in the first launch itself with a well designed splash screen. Replace the current image with the one you designed. Setting a splash screen that fit perfectly on all screen sizes has been explained in detail in the documentation that comes along with the source code.
      6. 3-dot Menu: Place your apps settings, rate and share locations under this menu.
      7. Rate This App popup at bottom of the screen using Math. That doesn’t interrupt the user by popping up in middle.
      8. Swipe down to Refresh
      9. AdMob Integration: Monetize your app with banner and Interstitial ads and start generating revenue.
      10. Open with:Open a shared/external url with your app.
      11. Customizable Offline Layout and more.

Advantages on being a WebView App:

      1. Video & Audio Playback
      2. Supports Javascript & HTML 5
      3. Gallery View
      4. Slideshows
      5. Embeding codes and more.

That’s all! Now you have your own working Android application. For further modification tips, read documentation.

Choosing a right theme is what makes your app look more promising and attractive. How to and where to get a mobile only theme and setup guide has been explained in depth in the Documentation.

Live App:

Would like to see the app in live then here it is on Google Play – Download Now!

[Note: Please don’t leave any kind of reviews. Take it as a demo app]

You will receive the email from CodeCanyon with zip file attached to it containing the ‘Source code’ and ‘Documentation’ as soon as the payment is received. Any quires feel free to ask using below comment section.

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