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Do you own a responsive Website/Blog? then probably this is the right time to have a Android App to keep your users always engaged by sending Timely Notifications. With Firebase integration now you can analyse, track your apps performance on Google play and optimize it accordingly. Let it be app installations/uninstalls, Notifications sent and opened statuses, ad clicks and lot more other features all you can analyse, track in one single dashboard.

The app also comes with Admob integration and can be linked to Firebase with one single click. Both Banner and interstitial ads have been added in the code. What all you need to do is generate an ad unit on Admob and replace the Ad unit ID with yours in the Source code.


The Source code comes with documentation. So, you don’t need another guy to do the job for you.

No coding required*

Just get the Source Code > Follow the documentation right from the beginning > Generate your Signed apk and publish it on Google Play.

Cool…isn’t it!

BEst Top 5 Custom Roms for Nexus 4

Its been 4 years for our Nexus 4 but still its a most lovable device ever made by a manufacturer. Though Google stopped supporting the device but the developers, didn’t. Communities like Cynogenmod, Paranoid Android, Chroma and others keep on releasing there builts, it is because the hardware inside Nexus 4 supports all the latest versions of Android even yet to release versions. Even me, like you eagerly looking to see Android N on our device. Below are the best top 5 custom roms which I sorted out after trying more than 20 custom roms including Ubuntu and Sailfish for the past 3 years. What are you looking for just go ahead and flash. Right after jump to see the Best top 5 custom roms for your Nexus 4.

Top Cyanogenmod or CM 12.1 Themes

Here is yet another awesome listing of Top 10 Cyanogenmod Themes I have been using over the time and today would like to recommend them to you guys. If you are on CyanogenMod 12.1 or any other custom rom that supports the CM 12 Themes then try the themes listed below, right away. The one plus thing about the Cm 12 themes and the theme engine is we can choose and apply the best, well crafted and customized module to a specific module. For example, if a theme’s ‘font’ or ‘status bar’ looks good then we can apply only those two settings/modules and ‘Navigation bar‘ from one theme, ‘Lockscreen wallpaper’ from another theme and so on. I really like this simplified feature of CM 12 Theme Engine. And now the developers are also including the popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google plus, Gmail, Google Keyboard and more to match the theme settings, that was really a cool thing. Like it. Where can you find this kinda in-depth customization? A big Thanks to CM and its developers. If you aren’t on CM then switch to CM 12.1, right away. But how to choose a theme that best suits your phone or taste? Right after jump you find the list of top 10 cm 12 themes. Download and Apply.

Download 100+ Visually Stunning Wallpaper Collection for your Android [Random] NexusandMe

Time to download. Yes, today I am going share those exclusive wallpapers collection I have been saving to my download folder since past 6 months. Whenever and wherever I see an awesome picture, I used to save them immediately. Thanks to ‘Google Photos’ unlimited storage and to those guys who shared these wallpapers on the ‘Android Wallpapers communities’ out there on Google Plus. Yeah, most of them I got from Google Plus only and Its worth following those communities. But you should have time to browse all those pictures shared by users and download the one that best suits your screen and taste. I know that’s a heck thing, but never bother starting today, I am going to share my collections over here on NexusandMe.com. Stay Connected. Share Love.

How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Nexus 4 via AOPS ROM NexusandMe

Marshmallow, the next iteration to Android lollipop is now out for all nexuses and running successfully without any bug reports so far from users but unfortunately the 2012 Google flagship phone Nexus 4 couldn’t make in the list, not that it doesn’t support the new version but Google denied to extent its support to a 3 year old device. No matter whatever might be the reason the NEXUS 4 does support the new version both in terms of hardware and software. The unofficial Android 6.0 rom which we going to install today on Nexus 4 is a fully functional and stable AOSP (Android Open Source Project) v6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM for our Nexus 4.

Right after jump you get to know how to download and install the rom.

How to flash Android 6.0 MArshmallow Factory Image

As said Google today rolled out the factory images of their latest release Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Google developer website for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Don’t be over excited about the release as it is just an optimized version of Android Lollipop unless you own a device with fingerprint support (Nexus 6p and Nexus 5X). Otherwise there is no point in updating to the latest version before the official OTA update.

What’s New in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

  1. Fine-Tuned App Permissions: This feature is available on Paranoid Android, MIUI and other custom roms since 2014. So, people do aware of this new feature in Marshmallow.
  2. Google Now on Tap: This is Google’s TM feature. This feature now breaks the the hassle in finding the answer for the text on the screen by long pressing the home button. Now there is no need to copy the text and search for the same on Google. This new Google Now Assistant lets you find answers as well as places if they are listed on Google maps and also can directly go to their official website without switching between apps.
  3. Battery Backup: Google says devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow would last 30% more on battery than those running on Android 5.0 lollipop. If you remember, they said the same during their Android 5.0 launch event 😀 So we can say about battery consumption only after using it.
  4. Fingerprint Support: As I said one would make use of this only if they own Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X.
  5. New Appdrawer: What’s new??? All the features which Google showcased about their new App drawer during the September event are available in ‘Nova Launcher‘ since past one year.

So, finally what I say is stick with lollipop until the official release of Marshmallow. If you own a device with no fingerprint support than I recommend switching to Cyanogenmod 12.1 based on Android 5.1 lollipop. Anywayz I can’t stop most of the guys from trying out the new update. For them here is a quick guide.


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