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Save battery by setting your device into ‘Auto Night Mode’, Tasker : profile 2

auto night mode, android profile 2

In the last post, we learned how to gain the attention of your friends by shake to unlock profile. which we created by making use of the accelerometer sensors through tasker application. So, how is the profile… nice naah.

Today, we are going to create another profile which is auto night mode. Once created there is no looking back, it just does its work as the time ticks.

Profile 2 :  Auto Night mode

First just write down what all the tasks should be performed before you goto sleep and the time, in my case I set the following…

  1. wifi, gps, bluetooth, mobile data to be turned off
  2. silent mode should be activated (for incoming calls – phone vibrates)  and
  3. the keyguard to be turned on.

Timings : 11.30pm to 7.30 am

there is no limit for tasks. you may add as many as you can.

save battery by setting your device in auto night mode.

Steps :

1. Open Tasker hit the ‘+‘ button at the bottom and select Time and set the ‘from’ and ‘to’ time for the profile to activate.

2. Now tap the back and create a task by name “OFF” and tap the ‘+‘ button to get into the select action category screen.

Silent mode :

3. In the Action Category Screen, select > Audio > Silent mode > ON/Vibrate.

now tap the back button at left side top corner.

Wifi off :

4. repeat step 2 > action category, select > net > wifi > OFF

Bluetooth off :

5. repeat step 2 > action category, select > bluetooth > OFF

GPS off :

for this task, you need to install an app by name secure settings, after installation open it and tap the enable button.

6. open tasker > repeat step 2 > action category, select > plugin > secure settings > System+ actions > GPS OFF

Mobile Data :

7. repeat step 2 > action category, select > net > mobile data > OFF

Lock screen to be turned ON :

8. repeat step 2 > action category, select > display > keyguard > ON.

That’s it, now hit back and run to test it.

Everything is automatic. As the time ticks, wifi, bluetooth, gps, data everything will be turned off irrespective of the mode in which they might be. Phone gets into vibration mode so if someone calls or leaves a msg, instead of silent the phone vibrates if you not too then turn on silent mode. And finally the lock screen, sometimes we may or may not notice the state of lockscreen, that could be a dangerous at times. So, again the auto night mode looks after and looks the screen.

Apart from this, the whole process once set will saves lots of battery. Useful isn’t it.

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