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Best Top 5 Local Multiplayer games for Android Devices


Playing video games online is the best way to play multiplayer. You get to play with people all around the world at pretty much any time of day. However, not everyone has a solid web connection all the time and sometimes you want to play with the people sitting next to you instead of people in another country. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, here are the best local multiplayer games for Android.

1. Dual! (Free)


DUAL is a local multiplayer game where two players use their mobile devices to shoot bullets from one screen to the other. It’s easy to pick up and play in both competitive and cooperative modes: DUEL and DEFEND.

Google play: Dual!


2. Chess Free

Sometimes it’s okay to go with the classics and if you’re down for a good old fashioned game of chess, Chess Free is where the app you want to have. The graphics are simple but the game is solid. You can play offline multiplayer along with a range of single player chess games. It’s free with no in app purchases and comes with eight chess board, seven sets of chess pieces, and a bunch of features to make the experience interesting.

Google play: Chess Free


3. Mini Motor Racing (Paid)

Mini Motor Racing is fast, finger-friendly fun. Despite the cartoony art style and physics, there is a lot of challenge to be had here. Players work their way through various race modes in a top-down perspective, buy new cars, and upgrade their existing ones. The 20-odd tracks are presented in varying weather conditions and times of day, which offers a ton of replay value even for the most familiar circuits. There’s a great Fruit Ninja tie-in with its own themed course and car, regular updates with new content, and local multiplayer over Wi-Fi. In-app purchases are available if you want to fast-track your car upgrades, though they’re far from necessary. There’s also a new extended championship you can buy your way into with in-game cash, though there are already 200 races in the core experience.

For a light and fun racing game with lots of polish, pick up Mini Motor Racing.

Google play: Mini Motor Racing

4. Tank 1990 HD (Free)

Tank 1990 is the rebirth of the game Battle City developed by NAMCO and now redeveloped by Hoang Anh for Android platforms.  The Battle City Android game app Tank 1990 is one of the top trending FREE app now on Google Play.

Google play: Tank 1990 HD


5. Gentlemen! (Paid)

Gentlemen! is a head-to-head arcade battle game where you and another person must compete to give the other one a thrashing. You play as one of two characters, each with their own abilities, as you rush around the screen trying to defeat the other person. It allows for play of two people on a single screen simultaneously and this is really recommended for people with tablets although it is playable on larger phones as well. It’s fast and ferocious.

Google play: Gentlemen!

If you guys know any games that isn’t listed over here and worth being part of the list then please share it with your fellow Android users using the below comment section.

other interesting games Ready Steady Bang!, Glow Hockey and Fruit Ninja.

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