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themer nexus and me

Themer is undoubtedly an awesome app in personalizing android and is so popular because of its one-click setup. Though the app stands unique of all the customizing apps but lacks many key features like icon edit, folders under app drawer, Google Search’s hotword and more. Apart from these the app also has certain other constraints which cannot be overcome and the frequent crashes. To be frank themer is not meant for daily use. Why? Here I am going to point those constraints or issues which I felt bit inconvenient and annoying while using themer

Top 10 Xposed Modules you should try

Xposed Frameworks is one such application which breaks all the rules, rights, permissions, coding and re-writes them. Have you ever searched for screen recording in android? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘airplane mode’ or ‘data toggle‘ under power menu? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘tiles under quick settings panel‘ ? These quires are not up to you, every guy who holds a brand new unrooted smartphone running stock android asks his fellow beside him or the web for sure. And for all these type of advanced yet powerful customizing options Xposed Frameworks is the only solution as far as I know. If you are running a custom rom like cynogenmod or pac roms they may include the same under settings. But here it is about unrooted smartphones and the answer is. No, you can’t attain all those power options unless untill you root your device. We have solutions for everything just unleash your phone’s inner capabilities with Xposed.

If you haven’t gone through my previous post about Xposed Frameworks on what is it? what it does actually? what are Xposed Modules? and all. Then go through the link down below.

creating pop-up dialogues alerts using tasker

Yes, in android you has this ability to create your own pop-ups & dialogues and that too with voice, like Jarvis in Ironman :p. So, now lets  make your smartphone a best companion like any other; which reminds you, alerts you, warns you and also greets you. Would you like to see your mobile act just like a robot or as a personal assistant like Jarvis to Robert Downey, Jr.

Then, lets get started.

Just follow the steps as it is and the same to be performed in all the cases. Now, its your time to create something innovatively and make people feel of not owning an Android device like this.

Here again comes the best; Tasker into action. Tasker not only auto sets the things and tasks but also lets us, to create our own pop-ups, dialogues and alerts. If you haven’t gone through the Tasker’s previous how-to tutorials then go through the link down below.

trace your device with a simple standard sms

Lost your mobile or left somewhere unnoticed in office or at home. Then, here is a solution for those who are regretting of loosing such a high end device even though has the facility of tracing through GPS and Upon not enabling it. Yes, keeping GPS, Wifi and Data ON for hours do consumes battery a lot but they are the only means to the trace the device.

Though they are plenty of apps out there on Google play store but none of them has the ability to turn the GPS, WiFi and Mobile Data ON – when turned OFF. And this key thing could be resolved by just sending a simple standard SMS. Yes, with tasker we can get this work done for us. As far as I know no app features this type of activity. Apart all of them do require GPS ON 24×7. which in turn drains battery like a vampire.


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