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Top Cyanogenmod or CM 12.1 Themes

Here is yet another awesome listing of Top 10 Cyanogenmod Themes I have been using over the time and today would like to recommend them to you guys. If you are on CyanogenMod 12.1 or any other custom rom that supports the CM 12 Themes then try the themes listed below, right away. The one plus thing about the Cm 12 themes and the theme engine is we can choose and apply the best, well crafted and customized module to a specific module. For example, if a theme’s ‘font’ or ‘status bar’ looks good then we can apply only those two settings/modules and ‘Navigation bar‘ from one theme, ‘Lockscreen wallpaper’ from another theme and so on. I really like this simplified feature of CM 12 Theme Engine. And now the developers are also including the popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google plus, Gmail, Google Keyboard and more to match the theme settings, that was really a cool thing. Like it. Where can you find this kinda in-depth customization? A big Thanks to CM and its developers. If you aren’t on CM then switch to CM 12.1, right away. But how to choose a theme that best suits your phone or taste? Right after jump you find the list of top 10 cm 12 themes. Download and Apply.


Cast Screen or Screen Mirroring is a unique feature we found in Android. The feature is now widely in use with the debut of Chrome Cast and Miracst Dongles. Playing games and viewing your android content on a 55 inch wide LED TV is an experience we cannot express in words. We just love to show the magic to whom ever visit our house just to make them ask HOW? and one could turn their living room into a media station with just a $35 (Rs. 2,999/-) dongle. Though it is widely in use but coming to PC’s it is still a beta because the miracast dongles which are available in the market are for HD LED TV‘s only.

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But for PC’s you don’t need a chromecast to cast your android screen. Yes, there are apps which can serve the purpose but for your information they are still in beta. So, you may notice lag while switching between screens and other device compatibility issues. Right after jump you can get to know about the two apps which features castscreen option and the how-to guide.


In android for every minor thing there is an app which inturn makes the end user end up with no.of app installations and thus a no.of pattern/pin locks to remember for each and every thing. But there are ways to hide the things without using any apps. That’s what makes android stand atop of all Operating systems. So lets get started.


When Google released Android Lollipop, one of the benefits was the virtual explosion of new APIs that app developers could tap into to bring new features to users. One of those new APIs is for the camera functions and provides the ability to tap into manual controls for camera hardware that supports the new options.

This means Android photographers can get a little bit closer to having their smartphone replicate the features and capabilities of a more traditional DSLR. A new app from GD Software, Manual Camera, is the first one to hit Google Play that appears to take full advantage of the new API and available controls.


Today a brand new completely free language learning resource and tool for translating the Internet (via real people, rather than automatically) has become publicly available. It’s called DuoLingo

Right now, you can learn English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish, through the app. I’m sure they’ll add more “romantic” languages — yes, English and German are Germanic — as the program grows.


Vocabulary.com’s new app, available as of today, isn’t a mindless-borderline-embarrassing way to occupy yourself while commuting. Yes, it’s a time suck. But like reading the newspaper or watching documentaries, it’s the kind that makes you feel okay about your life choices, because it helps build vocabulary. As a writer, I can even professionally justify tapping away on my phone.


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