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As expected the Android M has been announced today at Google I/O developer Conference 2015, the latest iteration to its mobile operating system. The new update brings a handful of interesting features and other under the hood tweaks and improvements. The stable version will be made available sometime later this year, but for those who want a sneak peek a developer preview version of Android M for select Nexus devices is out now. Here’s how you can install it on your smartphone or tablet. Good news is that Google promised to roll out updates to the developer preview more often (over OTA) than the Android Lollipop.


Since the day MIUI 6 ported rom was released for OnePlus One and 36 other devices the online clamour has been increased that could be because of exclusive weekly HEADPHONES giveaway from MIUI Rom developers community or could be because of OnePlus One, the device which caught all attention. MIUI 6 really looks stunning on the 5.5inch full hd screen of OnePlus One and that iOS premium look  we always been expecting for our android device. But there is a bug in the initial release (V 5.5.15), people who have flashed the rom got screwed because of that bug. The bug is “Insufficient storage available..” error in Google Play Store app. Whatever app you try to download on Google Play that is  the error people used to see on their device and thus the bug fix requests to MIUI. FYI the bug got fixed, the new version 5.5.20 is now live on MIUI website. Update your device if you have already flashed the rom by going through ‘About Phone’ > Setting > Check for Updates. Haven’t flashed the rom yet then below is the How-to guide, do follow each and every step right from beginning.


Bootloop or Soft-Brick of smartphones are something similar to blue screen of death on windows 7/8. This is a most common issue generally prevails due to incorrect drivers/software installation which leads to incompatibility with the hardware of the system. This can be fixed but you have to cost your files in the internal storage, as a complete wipe is required to return to stock or original state. So it is always advisable to check twice before you download a custom rom. Custom Roms are always device specific so you need to download and flash only that rom which is meant for that specific device/model. Never bother, we got a solution here. So, below is the how-to guide to restore your device back to original state, do follow each and every step. This guide is meant only for Nexus Devices!


At last the most awaited custom rom is here! Don’t know how many of you been waiting for this version release but I am on right from the day ‘Mi4i launch event’. That’s the event the new version was disclosed to public along with the only Indian specific Mi4i smartphone. The MIUI is generally known for its Flat UI design and now with the latest release they made everything transparent. Right from Notification drawer to widgets everything is transparent and is so elegantly designed that one would fall in love for sure, both with device and also with the OS inside. The rom is currently ported to Galaxy Nexus(GSM) and Nexus 4 only. Will let you know through our blog post when it is available for other devices in our family, so stay connected! Now, how to flash this rom on your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4? Right after jump you see the “how to guide”, do follow each and every step and get the most out of the completely Revamped, Visually Stunning MIUI rom.

Update: Now available for Nexus 5**


Android 5.1 Lollipop, now seems everything stable – better performance, no more app force closing issues(ANR’s) and better battery backup. Seems like Google have fixed almost all prevailing issues which they have seen in the initial version (Android 5.0) and with the 5.1.1 the lollipop could be yet another stable OS next to KitKat 4.4.4 as the Android M is already making news which probably be announced in the Google I/O dated next month.


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