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Flashing a custom rom and revert back to original state is never been an easy task but the Nexus Root Tool Kit (NRT) made life easier. Thanks to wugfresh for developing such a unique software. And today, the rom we going to flash is MIUI. Yes, it is that rom inspired by Apple IOS and the company “Xiaomi” – which is often referred to as Apple of China, interesting right!. Right from iCloud to Music Player everything is inspired from apple but there are some features in MIUI which makes android a bit more powerful than the stock android. The dailer, contacts, messaging settings are so well organised that we don’t need another app to accomplish a simple task like “finding duplicates and merging contacts”. The MIUI features many other interesting settings and options which makes it a recommended rom. So want to try something new today then lets get started!

How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App NexusandMe

Are you aware of Tasker and its automation functionality then probably would heard about its ‘App Creation’ feature. Haven’t, then this is the time to transform your profiles as standalone applications. The below Guide, guides you on “How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App ?”. This process doesn’t require any coding skills, everything is auto and takes less than a minute to export. What all the things you should be ready with are

Multi Users on Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 NexusandMe

The ‘Multiple User Profiles’ is the feature you see in Nexus tablets running Jelly bean or Higher and is available only for tablets. Why only for Tablets? Because tablets often migrate between various people in the same household. Lord knows, you wouldn’t want your kids candycrush, dad’s finance, newspaper apps littering your home screens, right! But these days even the mobiles aren’t personnel anymore. So being able to give them their own sign in would be positive for all. But how, this isn’t available for smartphones! Those who concern much about their privacy and security of the content on their smartphones, for them here is the quick guide on “How to Enable Multiple User Profiles on Nexus 4 or 5 ?” So, Lets get started.

How to revert back your Nexus from Android L to KitKat NexusandMe

As said earlier and again today the Android L is definitely not meant for daily drive as its still a beta. Though the new version of Android came up with some completely redesigned User-Interface of notification drawer, settings, lockscreen, headsup notification and other under the hood tweaks but the bugs in the preview keeps the daily thing away. Don’t know the reason why my favorite game Dots isn’t running on Android L. Is that a bug or because of ART, which is a default runtime in Android L. And the apps I prefer the most the Tasker and Xposed Frameworks are incompatible with the Android L. Tasker may fix the issues prevailed but Xposed Frameworks, the monster may or may not make its way into Android L as it is all set to Dalvik runtime. Most of you guys might have noticed these incompatibility issues with Android L by now.


Android L is the present most anticipating update, every guy looking forward for the official rollout. Though Google released developer preview to Nexus 5 and 7(2013) models but they aren’t recommended and meant for daily drive. But the enthusiasts, we can’t calm them down from installing and posting screenshots on Google plus. That’s the only reason we are here.  The Nexus 5 and  Nexus 7 guys are luckier as Google released the official factory Images of the developer preview on the day it was disclosed but what about other Nexus devices esp. the 2012 Nexus 4? For them here is the step-by-step guide on “How to update your Nexus 4 to Android L ?” Thanks to all the devs who made this Android L port to Nexus 4. But this is an unofficial way of updating Nexus 4 to Android L. If you are sure about the preview and the bugs it comes with go ahead and fire it, if not then here is a guide on “How to theme your phone like Android L“. The bugs were minimized in the latest 4.2.2 beta when compared with the earlier releases, even you will notice them for sure as the OS is still under development.

How to install and run android apps on PC

Actually there are number of ways out there on “How to install Whatsapp on PC” and most of you guys might surely know by now on how to get this thing work but out of all possible ways I found the following ways which are not only reliable in their functionality but can also be used for other app installations. All the methods over here in this guide will fetch you a complete tablet interface on your PC. And the performance is what makes them stand atop of all other methods. So, lets get started.


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