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How to flash Android 6.0 MArshmallow Factory Image

As said Google today rolled out the factory images of their latest release Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Google developer website for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Don’t be over excited about the release as it is just an optimized version of Android Lollipop unless you own a device with fingerprint support (Nexus 6p and Nexus 5X). Otherwise there is no point in updating to the latest version before the official OTA update.

What’s New in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

  1. Fine-Tuned App Permissions: This feature is available on Paranoid Android, MIUI and other custom roms since 2014. So, people do aware of this new feature in Marshmallow.
  2. Google Now on Tap: This is Google’s TM feature. This feature now breaks the the hassle in finding the answer for the text on the screen by long pressing the home button. Now there is no need to copy the text and search for the same on Google. This new Google Now Assistant lets you find answers as well as places if they are listed on Google maps and also can directly go to their official website without switching between apps.
  3. Battery Backup: Google says devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow would last 30% more on battery than those running on Android 5.0 lollipop. If you remember, they said the same during their Android 5.0 launch event 😀 So we can say about battery consumption only after using it.
  4. Fingerprint Support: As I said one would make use of this only if they own Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X.
  5. New Appdrawer: What’s new??? All the features which Google showcased about their new App drawer during the September event are available in ‘Nova Launcher‘ since past one year.

So, finally what I say is stick with lollipop until the official release of Marshmallow. If you own a device with no fingerprint support than I recommend switching to Cyanogenmod 12.1 based on Android 5.1 lollipop. Anywayz I can’t stop most of the guys from trying out the new update. For them here is a quick guide.


Google has extended its handwriting input tool to Android apps and users with the 4.0.3 version of the Android software will now be able to put text into any app by writing onto the device screens.

The new tool recognizes 82 languages and 20 distinct scripts and the interesting addition here is that you can also draw emojis, including the ugly pile of poo emoji.

A TechCrunch report notes that Google already offered the handwriting recognition tool in the Google Translate app as well as on mobile search, but this is the newest addition to all of Android.

Although with modern touch screen and swipable keyboard text input methods, how useful this handwriting input will prove to be is yet to be seen. However, Google notes that this feature will be particularly useful for many South Asian languages which have complex scripts.

The new app, which is available on Google Play store, allows both on-device and cloud-based character recognition.

Google Play: Google Handwriting Input

nexus 5 snap case is now available on Google Play Store, US

Now its time to give the pristine Nexus 5 a new look and protection. Yes, Google just added yet another case for Nexus 5, this time called as the ‘Snap Case’. Pictures that showcased on Google play states that the plastic of the Snap Case is harder than the the previous Nexus 5 Bumper case, looks pretty sneak and perfectly fits around all sides of Nexus 5 leaving top and bottom open. Snap Case is available in five attractive colors and in two different variants. One is matte finish and the other is a clear, glossy variant.
I have seen the similar case which my friend bought for his HTC One S, it looks nice, fit is perfect and even costs $12 less than the current product but the plastic of that case is not that hard. Upon two to three drops the case may break. But here the product is from Google, so the price set by them will do the justice for sure. To be frank it is a matter of $ 500 Nexus 5’s protection and look not about $29.

Moto E is now available on Flipkart for Rs.6999

Motorola today unveiled the Moto E officially at its dedicated press events in UK and India. The Moto E joins the Moto G and the Moto X and continues Motorola’s trend of offering great value for money handsets. With this release Motorola conquers the entire price range starting from 5k to 25k in India.

The phone flaunts a 4.3” scratch resistant display with Gorilla Glass 3 layer on top. It is of 540×960 qHD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 256 ppi. Motorola says it has built the phone to last and as a result it is protected by splash guard to ensure resistance from water. It also has an anti-smudge coating that makes it perfect for everyday use.

Sony W700B Full HDTV with screen mirroring mhl wifi and more

Sony launched two new feature filled HDTV’s in 2014, W700 and W800  both these series are loaded with some awesome jaw dropping features like Screen mirroring, MHL, Photo Share, WiFi Hotspot and more.The best you could ever experience in your living room is with this TV at one end and a Nexus device in your hand. Yes, a hassle free wireless experience.

These days we were hearing a lot about Mirroring and Casting. Infact both are similar in action and functionality but varies a bit. Upon pairing, mirroring lets you cast the mobile screen as is on a big screen where as Google Cast is limited to only some apps like youtube, netflix, chrome,photo wall etc., and could expect more in near future.  But the option under “Settings > Display> Cast Screen” in our Nexus devices do supports both Mirroring and cast. I personally tried it on a Sony W700B Full HD TV and also by connecting the  Google chromecast, for the first time the guy beside me, who came along to Sony Centre got stunned for a while even me on going through each and every feature in detail.


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