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Moto X price slashed down by $50

We know that, Motorola and Google together launched two awesome price specific phones with high end specs, moto g and moto x. Moto G is so successful that it even dominated it’s own brother and another one is yet to come. If we closely look into the specifications, look and the features like ‘active display’ and all, Moto X can be considered as an alternate to Nexus 5, infact in some areas like ‘camera’ and the known for feature ‘The Active display’ could be a +1 for Moto X.

samsung 20mp camera phone with 10x optical zoom

Is this a camera or a smartphone? with 20.7 mp camera and 10x optical zoom the Galaxy K zoom can be considered and sold as a camera with calling facility :p. Yeah, capturing some awesome moments needs a good camera but this is beyond, a good 8 mp camera with optical image stabilization(nexus 5’s camera) may serve the occasion, why would one go with  this, I am sure the price of this device won’t be less than 60k. But, one thing we should say, smartphone do need this type of advancement with time. otherwise there is no meaning in stating it as a smartphone.

a killer android smartphone from oneplus and cyanogenmod

Yep, what a phone! awesome specs, elegant look, stylish design, premium in hand, superior in display…hey, hang on what am I writing, the phone isn’t that great as described but upto some extent it could be a killer phone in terms of specifications and probably the most considerable thing is the ‘price’ at which it is set is quiet convincing but ‘NO’ from those who believe in brands like HTC, Google, Motorola  and basically no idea of what the CyanogenMod is…but this isn’t an issue for the company if see their strategy of selling the product, “One need an invitation to actually buy one at launch” because they are limited. What the hell?

First, lets go through the specs and price later will see how far we could consider this as a killer phone.


A lot of comments and news been scrolling on the internet since the titan’s annual developers conference and one big thing is the new update from Microsoft to its Mobile OS (windows phone 8 to 8.1). Though it is just a .1 up in its version, microsoft did worked a lot and brought major and drastic changes, bugs fix and some other improvements. Among them one is the Cortana virtual assistant, like Google Now and the other is the enhanced metro style UI, which now allows you to add even more tiles than before. Microsoft is now allowing developers to start building apps compatible with the new update. Hope, Google too in its next update may bring us some sort of updates like microsoft in User Interface.

Microsoft's contour to Google Now and Apple's Siri

Microsoft yesterday unveiled its own smartphone personal assistance named cortana to take on Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

How far could we consider it as a rival or competitor to the super hit Google Now and Siri. Even the guys with high end devices hardly use the voice search though they are out in early 2012 itself.

For some extent it is a Good move or update in it’s upcoming windows 8.1 but need lot more accurate results as no one would ever consider Bing over Google.


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