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CCleaner for Android : Good Got Better

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CCleaner for Android promises improved analysis and cleaning processes as well as a handful of new features and tweaks.

The app, which requires an Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or up, provides a selection of cleaning tools for reclaiming storage space and improving performance by removing junk and other unnecessary files.

The improved Analysis and Cleaning process comes with a couple of improvements: the first is a new Thumbnail Cache cleaning option, which clears the thumbnail files from the Gallery app. In this release, users cannot selectively clear thumbnails – it’s an all or nothing option.


CCleaner for Android adds a new detailed Google Play Search view. A latest version of CCleaner gives users the option of selectively wiping content from the Thumbnail Cache, as evidenced by the fact the Google Play Store search history option – which was added in version 1.01 – now adds a detailed view that allows users to then pick and choose what gets wiped by tapping the section header.

In addition to these changes, CCleaner for Android also comes with the promise of improved navigation when browsing the Download and Bluetooth folders, plus adds four new languages (Russian, Turkish, Thai and Korean) to its roster. As is common with all Piriform products, the update is rounded off with unspecified GUI improvements and bug fixes.


The update builds on new features added at the end of last month, which included the aforementioned Google Play Store search history cleaning option along with APK File cleaning, and new settings for defining items to analyse.

CCleaner for Android is available now as a free download for Android mobiles and tablets running Android 4.0 or up.

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