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How-to connect your laptop with phone via bluetooth, remotely? Tasker : Profle 6

Tasker and autoremote nexusandme

This is one rocking profile I created after going through couple of situations over past one week and been thinking of  how to overcome the manual connection of laptop with phone via bluetooth. So, then opened Google Playstore searched for about two minutes and found an app by name Auto Remote. To my astonishment this is a plugin again for the Tasker application. And implemented the idea I got in tasker with the help of Auto Remote  plugin and it worked! Yes, I am able to take all the calls right from my laptop irrespective of the phones position. Let it be in living room or on dining table, no matter. If it is in the wifi range or on the mobile data, is enough for it to function. Apart from taking calls you can also dial numbers, access call logs, call history and even music. And most of you guys might be knowing what all the tasks can be done upon pairing the laptop with phone via bluetooth.

How-to turn on bluetooth remotely?

For this to function, first of all you need to pair your android device with the laptop. And make sure the phone auto connects the laptop as soon as the bluetooth is turned on. Secondly, the applications : Tasker and Auto Remote plugin.

If you have gone through my previous posts about Tasker and the profiles it isn’t a difficult task at all. As what all we going to do is just turning on the bluetooth by triggering a text.

Steps :

Turning Bluetooth ON

1. As stated we require two apps one is Tasker and the other is Auto Remote.

2. Open Tasker tap the “+” button at bottom and select “state” > plugin > auto remote > Edit.

3. Now in Auto Remote leave the ‘event behaviour’ as it is. Don’t check it. Tap on ‘message filter‘ and enter the following text “Turn Bluetooth on” and check the “case insensitive“.

4. hit the back button and create a new task as “Bluetooth” tap the “+” button at bottom > Net > Bluetooth > ON.

That’s it and you are done.

AutoRemote Tasker Nexusandme


Auto remote tasker nexusandme

Turning Bluetooth OFF :

for this you need to add another profile.

5. Same as above but in place of  “Turn Bluetooth ON” you should state “Turn Bluetooth OFF” and under task > Bluetooth >OFF.


Upon installing auto remote, the app generates a unique url along with qr code. Just make a bookmark of it in your browser. Open  it and enter the text “Turn Bluetooth On” in Message and hit “Send Message” and see the magic that happens in live.

autoremote tasker nexusandme
As soon as the phone receives the above message it responds and turns on the Bluetooth. As we have already paired both the laptop and the phone they get connected automatically. So now taking and making calls, listening to music and all is up to you.

And if you like to add Voice as ‘connected’ or ‘disconnected’ just add ‘say’ task under the profile. Not sure of  how to add then go through this link and if the music app did not trigger upon activating the bluetooth. Then add an other task under ‘bluetooth on’ which loads the music app. (tap ‘+’ button > App > Load App > Play Music).

This is one awesome setup once set you can enjoy taking and making calls without moving an inch from your place.

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