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How to create your own pop-ups and dialogues with voice; Android, Tasker : Profile 5

creating pop-up dialogues alerts using tasker

Yes, in android you has this ability to create your own pop-ups & dialogues and that too with voice, like Jarvis in Ironman :p. So, now lets  make your smartphone a best companion like any other; which reminds you, alerts you, warns you and also greets you. Would you like to see your mobile act just like a robot or as a personal assistant like Jarvis to Robert Downey, Jr.

Then, lets get started.

Just follow the steps as it is and the same to be performed in all the cases. Now, its your time to create something innovatively and make people feel of not owning an Android device like this.

Here again comes the best; Tasker into action. Tasker not only auto sets the things and tasks but also lets us, to create our own pop-ups, dialogues and alerts. If you haven’t gone through the Tasker’s previous how-to tutorials then go through the link down below.

How-to Guides : Tasker

How-to create pop-up, dialogues and alerts.

Here my task is, at 2pm in afternoon a popup should appear on screen stating to activate the “Happy Hours”, viz a first come, first serve offer from my mobile carrier, valid for only 2 hours.  So, I should be quick enough to activate as soon as the time ticks the 2 pm.

Follow this example guide which features all, a popup on screen which asks you(voice) whether to activate it or not, if yes it move further by auto dialling a number, if not; it ends, there itself.


Pop-up :

1. Open Tasker > Scenes > tap the “+” at bottom and name the New Scene. (happy hours)

2. A screen with dotted rectangle box will appear. The dotted rectangle is the area that you has to specify for the popup to appear on screen.

So, adjust it accordingly by dragging it. 739X433 is the area I specified for my popup and tap the zoom off at bottom right.

3. Now tap the “+” button at bottom or long-click to Add An Element, Rectangle and tap the back button. Now drag that rectangle to adjust (578×241). Sizes are up to you.

4. Tap the + button again at bottom to add “text“. Let the name as it is and enter the following text in the text field.

Sir, time to Happy Hours. Would you like to activate it

text color : white; size : 16

specify the area same as of the rectangle.

So, here the answer is “Yes” for this we need to create a button.

5. Tap the + button again and add “button“, let the name as it is and enter the label as “YES”.

text color : white; size : 16

under “Tap” action>  “+” button at bottom > phone > call

number : *123# and check Auto Dial.

6. Create another task > scene > hide scene > tap the search icon at right and select the happy hours pop-up which we just created.

this task hides the pop-up as soon as we tap the “yes” button.

That’s it, now you have successfully created a popup with text and a button, on tapping it dials a number.

creating pop-up dialogues alerts using tasker

Profile :

7. Now get back to profile tab. Tap the “+” at bottom and select Time.

Set the time from 2pm to 4pm.

and hit the back button.

8. Tap the “+” button at bottom > scene > show scene > search > happy hours.

check the continue task immediately at bottom.

9. Again tap the “+” button > Misc > Say > text : ” Sir, time to Happy Hours. Would you like to activate it

Engine: Voice : default; Stream : Media; Pitch : 5;  Speed:5; and check the continue task immediately.

You are done, tap the back button and run the profile.

creating pop-ups, dialogues and alerts using tasker on android

The pop-up should appear on screen with voice spelling out the text on it asking you to activate it. Upon hitting YES, will dail the number.

If you don’t like the default Google Now voice, you may also create or record voice as if Jarvis talking to you and attach it under profile tasks. cool, right!

Superb, isn’t it. The same way, create a greeting as if the phone welcomes you as soon as you unlock the screen or good night before going to sleep. Flash something like connect charger as soon as the battery level downs to 14% with a voice alert.

Don’t how to save battery from draining then check this out : Save Battery by ‘auto kill apps’, Tasker : Profile 3

If you have gone through my previous tasker tutorials this isn’t a difficult task at all. So, think something innovatively because Tasker has the ability to replace hundreds of apps. Just a simple common-sense, lets the work done for you.

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