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Download EA Games ‘Dead Space’ For Free, Legally

EA Games Dead space Giveaway

Yes, the 2008 EA Games best third-person shooter ‘Dead Space’ is now available for free on Origin. With Dead Space, EA games started a new monthly giveaway of its popular titles. So, Keep checking Origin every month for new and exciting deals. The present ‘Dead Space‘ will last not more than 4 days from today. If you are interested, hurry up because ‘On the House‘ specials can appear and disappear at any time.

How to Grab this amazing Deal?

EA gamers probably know about ORIGIN. It’s a place where Gamers love to play download and connect. Origin is available as a webapp and also as a standalone application for both Windows and Mac. What all you have to do is just download the Origin from here! install and run the application. At the very begining it asks you to sign in/up.  Once you logged into Origin, you can get your fill of the enthralling experience that is Dead Space (under tab : Free Games > on the house).

EA Games Dead space Giveaway

If you haven’t ever played Dead Space, it’s like a mash-up of several popular titles like BioShock, Halo, and Resident Evil. The survival horror is set in the year 2508, as you might have guessed, in space, and since the storyline is also fairly on-point, it definitely goes down as one of our favorite EA games series released to date.
Dead_Space_ea_games_nexus_and_meThe “On The House” system is no doubt means by which EA can entice gamers into purchasing further titles available through the Origin app, but with a new title headed each month, it looks a pretty good deal from both sides of the fence.

As aforementioned, you’ll need to sign up for an EA Origin account if you don’t already have one, and further, go ahead and install the accompanying software onto your Windows-powered PC. Signing up for an account doesn’t take that long either, the whole process is easy as pie.

The Dead Space freebie will run only until May 8th, so if you don’t want to miss out on a free download of Dead Space, be sure to act sooner rather than later.

You can grab your very first title by going here.

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