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DuoLingo : Easiest & Fastest Way To Learn A Language For Free!


Today a brand new completely free language learning resource and tool for translating the Internet (via real people, rather than automatically) has become publicly available. It’s called DuoLingo

Right now, you can learn English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish, through the app. I’m sure they’ll add more “romantic” languages — yes, English and German are Germanic — as the program grows.

I decided to test myself in French, at least what I could remember from high school and college, and I’m pleasantly surprised. More especially, I’m surprised that I didn’t suck too badly when I needed to remember some basics.

The app presents lessons, easy to more difficult.

You can also try testing out, but you’d better be pretty confident in your abilities — I tried and failed.

Duolingo also gives you the opportunity to challenge your family or friends.

The app teaches you in a number of ways, through verbal cues, repetition, writing, and pictures.

Duolingo for android, is an excellent way to learn a foreign language, or at least has the potential to help you learn a language.

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