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Google releases Docs and Sheets standalone apps for Android and iOS, Slides coming soon

Google drive now redirects docs sheet and slides to their respective apps for editing

Google today released two new apps for Android and iOS, one is Docs and the other is Sheets. Slides, is still on its way. Though you may access to these docs and sheets under quick office or some other OEM recommends office apps, having a standalone version is always a +1. Even for Google chrome there is a standalone version. Don’t know, then go through this link.

google docs and sheets are now available as separate standalone apps nexusandme.comI am a student, and most of the time I use Docs and rarely the rest (slides or sheets). Actually, only at the time of projects and presentations. So, I go with docs and the rest when needed. And also a new update to chrome cast lets you fire presentations right from your Google drive web app. Hope, it comes to the slides app soon in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for, now get all your stuff done with or without an internet connection, write on your own or invite more people to contribute and never lose your progress, so you can keep working from any computer or device and also there is no need of searching and scrolling as you see only those particular docs/sheets/slides in the app.

You may also add it to your homescreen as a shortcut for quick access or Just shake the mobile to begin noting things.

Don’t know how to load an app by just shaking the mobile!, then go through this How-to GuideShake to ‘unlock’ your smartphone (android) Tasker : Profile 1  instead of selecting display under task select action category select App (Docs/Sheet/Slides).

You can get the apps on Google Play [Docs] [Sheets] and in the App Store [Docs] [Sheets]. If you don’t have time now, over the next few days you’ll be prompted to download the apps when you go to edit or create a document or spreadsheet in your Drive app. And of course, you’ll still be able to use the Drive app to view and organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.

For Google Docs/sheets/slides official website click here!

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