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How to cast your android screen on PC ?


Cast Screen or Screen Mirroring is a unique feature we found in Android. The feature is now widely in use with the debut of Chrome Cast and Miracst Dongles. Playing games and viewing your android content on a 55 inch wide LED TV is an experience we cannot express in words. We just love to show the magic to whom ever visit our house just to make them ask HOW? and one could turn their living room into a media station with just a $35 (Rs. 2,999/-) dongle. Though it is widely in use but coming to PC’s it is still a beta because the miracast dongles which are available in the market are for HD LED TV‘s only.

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But for PC’s you don’t need a chromecast to cast your android screen. Yes, there are apps which can serve the purpose but for your information they are still in beta. So, you may notice lag while switching between screens and other device compatibility issues. Right after jump you can get to know about the two apps which features castscreen option and the how-to guide.

How to cast your android screen on PC ?

1. Vysor: A window to your Android

This app Vysor is making a lot of buzz on Google plus and other social networking site. That’s the reason I have downloaded the app and tried it on my PC. Yeah, it does what it says but why Vysor when there is Airdroid which features the same and to wirelessly. Later after couple of days I realized that Vysor has an advantage over Airdroid and that is, it works offline and doesn’t require root access. Yes, just plug-in and Play. You don’t need your phone and pc to be on same wifi connection. Unique right! Still reading…its time to try man 🙂

Download the Vysor Chrome app for here.

How-to: After installing chromeapp, Enable USB Debugging in developer options on your phone and connect it to your PC. Open Vysor chrome app and check the popup that appears on your hone and press OK. That’s it.


  1. You don’t need a Wifi connection
  2. Just plug and play.
  3. Doesn’t require root.


  1. Should carry a cable always.
  2. Not as fast and fluid as Airdroid.

2. Airdroid 3: 

Airdroid has been a popular app for years on Google play due to no.of productivity features it offers to end-users. The ability to control the phone wirelessly and reply to whatsapp and SMS messages made this app a must have. In a recent update they brought a new feature by name Air Mirror, which is nothing but cast screen or screen mirroring.

Airdroid Remote - Fully Access your phone from PC or Mac

Dwonload Airdroid android app from here and PC suite from here.

How-to: After installing airdroid app on both PC and on Phone login with your Google account. Open Airdroid PC suite in that you find an icon with Binoculars. That is “AirMirror“, just click that icon and your android screen appears right on your pc.


  1. Works wirelessly
  2. Fast and fluid performance when compared with Vysor.


  1. Requires Root access
  2. Both phone and pc should be on same Wifi connection.

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Coming to my choice, I choose Airdroid over Vysor. Why because I hate USB cables. The wireless access which airdroid gives is always a plus when compared and the performance lag which I found in Vysor is another reason to be with Airdroid. And the wide range of productivity features which airdroid offers one would never think of uninstalling it. But we can expect a lot of features and flawless performance in future updates as they are still in BETA.

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