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How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App ?

How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App NexusandMe

Are you aware of Tasker and its automation functionality then probably would heard about its ‘App Creation’ feature. Haven’t, then this is the time to transform your profiles as standalone applications. The below Guide, guides you on “How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App ?”. This process doesn’t require any coding skills, everything is auto and takes less than a minute to export. What all the things you should be ready with are

1. Tasker
2. App Factory and
3. A Working Profile.

Both Tasker and App Factory should be of same version. Otherwise the app creation ends up with an error.

New to Tasker and its Profiles ? then here is a list of 11 Tasker Profiles, I have created using Tasker. Want to make your smartphone a Personal Assistant which reminds you, warns you and responds to commands you give with never ending battery then NexusandMe recommends you to go through all the profiles listed down below as each and every profile is an app if you could able to turn them.

Tasker Profiles :

The current “Tasker: App Creation” has number of limitations. One is, only a profile with a single task can be exported as a standalone app. So think accordingly, create a profile which matters to you and then turn it into a small nifty android application and share.

How to ?

Step 1 : Open Tasker, tap the ‘Home’ button at bottom > Add > ‘Name the Project’ and hit the right button next to it.

Project Tasker App Creation NexusandMe


Step 2 : Now Drag the Profile you have created to the Project Tab.

Step 3 : Tap the Project Tab and from the list select “Set Icon”. You can either choose Icon of an Installed app or from Inbuilt Icons. It is recommend to choose a 128×128 png Icon that suits your project and set it by going through “Local Media” option.

Step 4 : Now Again Tap on the Project Tab and select Export, this fetches a couple of options. Choose “As App”.

Step 5 : Give your app a Unique Package Name.

Example : com.nexuandme.a.srikanth.nks.autonytmode

Configuring App Tasker App Creation NexusandMe


Let the Version be 1.0 and check the ‘Advanced Configuration’ to set the “Min. Android Version”, “Permissions”.

Step 6 : When done, tap the back button at left side top corner.

That’s it. The Project gets exported as an app. Install the app just like other apps and run. Nice isn’t it. Then why don’t you give it a try.

Save Location : sdcard/Tasker/Factory/Kids/…


1. A profile with only one Task can be transformed as app.

2. No User-Interface. If the profile you created has Scenes than that would be displayed.

3. Profiles with Application, State, Time Contexts only working as expected.

4. As only a single task is allowed to choose, we should work more on if else conditions and variables. As we cannot choose even the exit task.

All the above limitations won’t allow us to create a robust app with multiple tasks but this way of transforming a small idea into an app is a great thing and you should be proud of transforming your idea into an app.

The first Android app, I have created using Tasker is “Plugged In”, this is that profile When Plugged In – ‘Media Select’ Dialog should appear. Tasker : Profile 10 posted about a month back. Give it a try and let me know how is the app! using the below comment section.

Download Link : Plugged In

XDAPlugged In Ver.1.4 : Just plugin and play

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