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How to hide media files or apps without using any apps in Android ?


In android for every minor thing there is an app which inturn makes the end user end up with no.of app installations and thus a no.of pattern/pin locks to remember for each and every thing. But there are ways to hide the things without using any apps. That’s what makes android stand atop of all Operating systems. So lets get started.

How to hide media files or apps without using any apps in Android ?

1. Using Filemanager:

If your default file manager is ES File explorer open it. If its not your default then make it. Goto ES File Explorer > SD Card > Copy your contents to a new folder or open an existing folder which you want to hide > then tap the “plus” button at bottom right and choose “File” > rename the file as “.nomedia

That’s it.

ES File Explorer No Media File (1).jpg


Now open your gallery app/music app/video app and search for your hidden media. You won’t find them and neither your friends. What you did over here is by creating a file by name .nomedia you saying the operating system not to crawl this folder for any media. Cool isn’t it. Simple n smart.

You can also use this method to stop crawling your whatsapp media by Play Music/ MX Player/ Gallery app.

To recover just delete the .nomedia file. By deafult it will be in hidden state to show just slide to enable the “Show hidden files” in ES File Explorer sidebar.

Download: ES File Explorer

2. Using Nova Launcher Prime:

Again one recommended app/launcher. I hate google now launcher why beacuse of that persistent google search bar at top on my homescreen. And the amount of battery it drains why beacuse the device always listens to your words “OK Google” which is smart but also smart enough in draing your battery. And no options to customize things and apply themes. That’s the reason I permenantly switched to Nova Launcher and I do recommend it to all.

How to hide apps?

Method One: Open Nova launcher settings > Apps & Widget Drawers > Scroll down to Drawer Groups and open “Hide Apps” > Now choose the apps you want to hide from the list and hit the back button. That’s it.


Method Two: Change the app icon and name (Tricky thing). The Method One works great but to open the app you suppose to unhide them again. So here is a tricky thing.

Nova Launcher Prime Hide apps (2).jpg


Just long press on the app you want to hide > Edit > Tap Icon > and choose an icon which is less bothered by others from “built-in” or from any other icon packs. Then rename it to someother name.

Cool isn’t it.

You can even use Gestures & Inputs, Swipe Actions to open the hidden apps. Hope you all like the way I am hidding the things on my android. Give it a try. Cheers 😀

Download: Nova launcher prime

If there are any other smart ways to hide things please do share with your fellow android users using the below comment section.

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