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How to Install MIUI 6 on your Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 5


At last the most awaited custom rom is here! Don’t know how many of you been waiting for this version release but I am on right from the day ‘Mi4i launch event’. That’s the event the new version was disclosed to public along with the only Indian specific Mi4i smartphone. The MIUI is generally known for its Flat UI design and now with the latest release they made everything transparent. Right from Notification drawer to widgets everything is transparent and is so elegantly designed that one would fall in love for sure, both with device and also with the OS inside. The rom is currently ported to Galaxy Nexus(GSM) and Nexus 4 only. Will let you know through our blog post when it is available for other devices in our family, so stay connected! Now, how to flash this rom on your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4? Right after jump you see the “how to guide”, do follow each and every step and get the most out of the completely Revamped, Visually Stunning MIUI rom.

Update: Now available for Nexus 5**

Have a look at Visually Stunning MIUI 6:

How to Install MIUI 6 on your Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 5

Flashing a custom rom on our nexus devices is now a damn easy thing. It may take around just 15-20 minutes, if you are a regular visitor of NexusandMe. We usually recommend our users to make use of the available Nexus Root Tool Kit for these kind of operations and is absolutely free. Below is the guide you have been looking for. So, lets get started!

Step 1: Unlock your Bootloader

First and the foremost thing is, your device must be in unlocked state. To check ‘power off’ your device then press ‘voulme down+power button’ to boot into bootloader. There in bootloader screen, you see the “Device state” as locked/unlocked. If it is unlocked then you can proceed to next step. If not, check this guide over here (from step 1 to 7) to unlock your device.

Step 2: Root and Flash Custom Recovery:

Now our purpose, full administrative access and that is possible only by root. So, from NRT’s main screen, under the Root subsection, tick the box next to And Also Flash: Custom Recovery. Then, just hit the Root button to begin the process.

Root and Flash Custom Recovery

On the next screen, click OK to begin rooting and installing a custom recovery on your phone. When it’s all finished, a confirmation box will let you know that the process was successful. You should see two new apps in your app drawer one is SuperSu and other BusyBox.

(Complete guide: How to Root and Flash Custom Recovery on your Nexus running Android 5.1 Lollipop)

Step 3: Download the rom from MIUI Official website

To download the MIUI V6 rom click this link from your Windows PC > Choose “Google” as brand > Choose your device “Galaxy Nexus”,”Nexus 4″ or “Nexus 5”> Click “Download full Rom” to begin your download


GApps from here.

Step 4: Flashing MIUI V6

Step 1 : Put the downloaded MIUI 6 .zip file onto your Internal Storage
Step 2 : Reboot into Recovery(TWRP) – Volume down + Power button.
Step 3 : Goto “wipe” – > Advanced
Step 4 : Check all (Dalvik, System, Data and cache) except internal storage and usb-otg then at bottom drag the “Swipe to Wipe” button to confirm and begin the wipe process.

Twrp Wipe Process
Step 5 : Next goto “Install” -> “install zip from sdcard” -> choose the [filename.zip] and confirm flashing procedure
Step 6 : When done “wipe dalvik cache” once again
Step 7 : “reboot into system”

That’s it. It may take up to 5 minutes for the device to boot completely– be patient.

Any queries feel free to ask using the below comment section.


MIUI 6 on Nexus 4 Screenshots

MIUI 6 on Nexus 4 – Screenshots

Links of Interest:

Nexus Root Tool Kit: Download Link

MIUI 6 for Galaxy Nexus(GSM) : Download Link

MIUI 6 for Nexus 4 : Download Link

MIUI 6 for Nexus 5 : Download Link

Gapps for above two devices : Download Link

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  • Stephen Mathew

    Hi. I tried the steps you mention for my Nexus 4 (was initially on stock Android 5.1.1). Firstly, rooted the phone and installed the latest recovery module that the NRT prompted me to download.
    I then did the steps on this page to install the new ROM. But the phone hangs on the MIUI logo page, and restarting it does not help either.
    What could the issue be? I tried wiping the cache again, and installing the same ROM, but no change

    • Hi Stephen, that isn’t an issue at all, flash once again but this time go to advanced wipe and check system, cache, dalvik and others except internal storage. Then “swipe to wipe>>”

  • Stephen Mathew

    Well I now tried again to flash, and used the instructions from the MI site. The only difference is that they say to wipe the user data and cache (not Dalvik). I did that, and im able to use MIUI 6. Probably, this should be included in your steps.

    • Thanks Stephen 🙂 I have included that step in the guide. So how’s MIUI 6, pls share your experience.

      • Stephen Mathew

        Thanks for the response. MIUI is great except for the lack of the Play Store. So I installed Play Store using Google Installer (had to do a couple of cache clears) and then installed the many apps i needed. The issue I am now facing is with the WhatsApp contacts. My WhatsApp does not have any contacts, but the Contacts app has several contacts under it. Also, I cannot Manage App Permissions for Contacts as it is not listed under Manage App Permissions. How can I get my WhatsApp contacts to list? Also, under settings, it mentions that the version of MIUI is v5.6.5 (not v6.x), and that too Beta. How do I get v6, and a stable release? Also, with each OS update, will the cache need to be cleared from Recovery?

        • Hi Stephen, I have given the link to download “GAPPS” at the end of the post then why did you installed Google Installer. The GAPPS is also a .zip file and can be flashed through custom recovery. It is a lite version, after installation you will see only 3 Google products 1. playstore, 2. Gmail & 3. News and Weather. So, pls go with GAPPS to avoid sync errors.

          For contacts display preference:

          Goto settings>system apps>contacts> display preferences> then choose you acc. “Google” or “Mi acc.” that’s up to you.

          You can also organise the contacts by merging duplicates, hiding incomplete numbers and more. You can manage contacts online on “Mi Cloud” http://en.miui.com/cloud.php.

          MIUI 6 has many features since v5 which Google as included days before in Android M. One of them is App Permissions. You can access this setting in the ‘Security’ app > permissions.

          Yes, it is 5.6.5 now and it continues until the rom becomes rock stable ( V6) and this completely depends on end users. The day when they receive no bug reports from users then they release the official V6.

          • Stephen Mathew

            thanks for your reply again. I saw the link for GApps and did not know what to do with it. Do I have to uninstall Google Installer and hence all the Play Store installed apps, to install GApps? Also, under Settings, I see no ‘System Apps’, but only Installed Apps. Under Installed Apps, there is “Contacts and Dialer” and “Contacts Storage”, both of which do not have any Display Preferences options. Am I doing something wrong?

          • Stephen Mathew

            I’m really sorry, I do see System Apps-> Contact->Manage Permissions. But under Configure contacts, I do not see my Google account listed. Under Settings->Accounts, my Google account is listed under All, and People details are synced.
            Please let me know how I can replace Google Installer by GApps. Also, any install instructions of GApps, like how to flash and whether any cache has to be cleared, would be great to get.

          • Stephen Mathew

            Sorry, but sending again, Please let me know how I can replace Google Installer by GApps. Also,
            any install instructions of GApps, like how to flash and whether any
            cache has to be cleared, would be great to get.

          • Just like how you flashed the MIUI 6 .zip file the same way you suppose to flash the gapps too. Download the gapps. zip file > put onto your phone internal memory > reboot into recovery (cwm) > go through “Install zip from sd card” > select the gapps. zip file and flash it.

            * No need to wipe cache/data/system/dalvik

            Dunno about Google Installer, if you can see the uninstall option for google play and its services then go ahead and uninstall them. Next boot into custom recovery and flash the gapps.

          • Stephen Mathew

            Thank you for your reply

  • dadali007

    i have used MIUI 6 on my nexus 4 as your tutorial.. thanks for that. 🙂
    But i have a little problem. BBM messanger and some applications from original ROM (before flash) can’t be installed. can you help me??

  • Fulvio Volpe

    Hi, just flashed the v6 on Gnex but i’m facing some issues trying to make the bluetooth v4 working via the .zip tuna found on XDA. The system get in a sort of force close loop message (sounds like “the bluetooth application will be closed”). Need to install this tuna in order to make my MiBand working which was formerly working with stock rom. Any suggestion? Thks