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How to Install/Flash MIUI 6 on OnePlus One ? Simplified Method


Since the day MIUI 6 ported rom was released for OnePlus One and 36 other devices the online clamour has been increased that could be because of exclusive weekly HEADPHONES giveaway from MIUI Rom developers community or could be because of OnePlus One, the device which caught all attention. MIUI 6 really looks stunning on the 5.5inch full hd screen of OnePlus One and that iOS premium look  we always been expecting for our android device. But there is a bug in the initial release (V 5.5.15), people who have flashed the rom got screwed because of that bug. The bug is “Insufficient storage available..” error in Google Play Store app. Whatever app you try to download on Google Play that is  the error people used to see on their device and thus the bug fix requests to MIUI. FYI the bug got fixed, the new version 5.5.20 is now live on MIUI website. Update your device if you have already flashed the rom by going through ‘About Phone’ > Setting > Check for Updates. Haven’t flashed the rom yet then below is the How-to guide, do follow each and every step right from beginning.

How to Install/Flash MIUI 6 on OnePlus One ? Simplified Method

Now your device is running on the latest CM 12.1 version. Inorder to flash a custom rom (MIUI or Some other rom) the first and the foremost thing you suppose to do is to Root your device and Flash a custom Recovery.

Step 1 : Prepare your Phone/Tablet

Since this method will utilize Android Debug Bridge (ADB), you’ll need to enable USB Debugging on your device, which is in the Developer Options menu. If you don’t see that menu in your Settings, let’s unlock it now.

Head into Settings, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and hit About Phone. In here, scroll down to the bottom again and tap Build Number seven times in rapid succession.

Next, back out one level and you’ll see a new Settings menu titled Developer Options. Open this menu, then tick the box next to Enable USB Debugging and press OK on the subsequent popup.

usb debugging android l nexusandme

Step 2: Connect Your Phone/Tablet to Your Computer

This is a simple step, but it’s an important one. You’ll need to connect your phone to your PC to apply the update, but the USB cable you’re using to do that is important. Make sure there is no visible damage to the cable and the connection it makes at both ends is firm.

Step 3: Install Bacon Root Tool Kit (BRT)

This is a superb tool which not only simplifies the things but also explains each and every option and its purpose. To download Bacon Root Toolkit click this link from your Windows PC.

Bacon Root Toolkit Installation

When the download has finished double click the .exe file and hit RUN. From the next window, click Install.

When the installer is finished, you’ll be asked to enter your device name and Android build number. Choose your device and its built from the drop down and click Apply.

Bacon Root Toolkit OnePlus One 64gb

At this point, you’ll see a dialog box instructing you to enable USB Debugging on your device. We’ve already covered that part in Step 1, but you’ll also need to allow your computer to connect to your device at this point.

Unlock your device and you should see a dialog box asking you to Allow USB Debugging. Tick the box next to Always Allow From This Computer and tap OK.

Computers RSA Key

Next, BRT will ask you to download a couple of files. Click OK to allow it to download all of the necessary files.

Step 4: Configure Bacon Root Toolkit (BRT)

At this point, you should be looking at the main screen of the Bacon Root Toolkit. First, you’ll need to install the ADB drivers if you haven’t already done so. Right up top, tap the button that says Full Driver Installation Guide to get things started.

OnePlus One BRT Full Driver Installation Guide

On the next screen, click the Step 3 tab and take note of the Recommended Driver Solution. Click the corresponding driver solution below it, then follow the prompts for driver installation.

ADB FASTBOOT Driver configuration BRT OnePlus One

To check whether the drivers configured properly or not. Goto Step 4 and hit the Full Driver Test.

OnePlus One Full Driver Test BRT

When finished, head back to the Bacon Root Toolkit’s main page.

Step 5 : Create Android Backup File

It is always advised to create of a backup of your current stock rom because if something fails in middle of the process you have an option to restore back, no worries. Nothing gonna happen. To create a backup of all your existing apps and data click that Backup button under Backup+Restore on main screen of the BRT and then the “Create Android Backup File“.

Backup android BRT OneplusOne

Be patient, the backup process takes time to complete.

Step 6 : Unlock the Bootloader

If you haven’t unlocked your bootloader you may now have to. Inorder to root the device you first have to unlock it and this process erases all the data on your device. So, it is recommended to take a backup of all your apps and their data before you begin this process.

Now, just go ahead and click the Unlock button.

OnePlus One BRT Unlock Bootloader

The phone then boots into bootloader and thus begins the process. At the end you may notice the “Lock State – unlock” which states, the phone has been unlocked successfully.

Step 7 : Root and Flash Custom Recovery

Now our purpose, full administrative access and that is possible only by root. So, from BRT’s main screen, under the Root subsection, tick the box next to And Also Flash: Custom Recovery. Then, just hit the Root button to begin the process.

Root and Flash Custom Recovery

On the next screen, click OK to begin rooting and installing a custom recovery on your phone. When it’s all finished, a confirmation box will let you know that the process was successful. You should see two new apps in your app drawer one is SuperSu and other BusyBox. The custom recovery you installed during this process is TWRP. Which look like below! To boot into recovery you suppose to press “Volume Down + Power Button” from completely powered off state of your OnePlus One.


TWRP Custom Recovery ScreenShot OnePlus One

Step 8: Flashing MIUI 6

Step 1 : Put the downloaded MIUI 6 .zip file onto your Internal Storage
Step 2 : Reboot into Recovery(TWRP) – Volume down + Power button.
Step 3 : Goto “wipe” – > Advanced
Step 4 : Check all (Dalvik, System, Data and cache) except internal storage and usb-otg then at bottom drag the “Swipe to Wipe” button to confirm and begin the wipe process.

Twrp Wipe Process
Step 5 : Next goto “Install” -> “install zip from sdcard” -> choose the [filename.zip] and confirm flashing procedure
Step 6 : When done “wipe dalvik cache” once again
Step 7 : “reboot into system”

That’s it. It may take up to 5 minutes for the device to boot completely– be patient.

Next Flash the Gapps the same way as above (Step: 8) Download link at the end of the post.

Any queries feel free to ask using the below comment section.

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