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How-to let others know your current position and not to disturb. Tasker : Profile 8

In a Meeting Phone Don't Disturb Tasker Nexus and me

So, here again some what important for you as well as for your dear ones, about your current position, where you have been – in a board meeting or at movies. Wherever the first and the foremost thing you should do is to inform those who thinks of you all the time. Yes, your family members. This is so important that many have gone through horrible situations, not only upon informing but also on not lifting the phone. And also about those important meetings, when your friends or dear ones keep on calling not knowing your current position.

This guide is especially for those guys who cares about everything and everyone. Guys this is simple, just set an auto SMS and be relaxed and let others. For all these kinda situations the one stop solution is Tasker. And the whole process involved over here would be simple for those who have gone through my previous guides about Tasker. If not, no worries will guide you set-by-step.

Task to be performed : (example)

Meeting – tomorrow – 10 am to 1 pm (or) Movie : 6:30 pm to 9 :30 pm.

During this time period > phone should auto set into silent mode and an SMS stating your current position should be sent to a number.

How-to :

1. Open Tasker. Don’t have then download it from here.

2. In profiles Tab > tap”+” button at bottom > State > App > Calender Entry.

3. Give some Title as “In a Meeting” and in Description type “Call Annie” or something else but you should remember what you have written over here. Tap the back button.

4.  Now name the Task as “Don’t Disturb” and press ok. Now in Task Edit > tap “+” button at bottom > Audio > Silent Mode > ON. Tap the back button.

5. Add another task which is about sending an SMS. Select Phone > Send SMS > Enter the Number, don’t remember then use the search button. Next the Message, compose a message which you want to send. Then tap the back button.

That’s it, you are done with the phone’s state and the message to send. But when?

6. Now open your Calender app on your device > Goto tomorrows date and time and Create an Event as “In a Meeting” from 10 am to 1 pm. Next under description write “Call Annie“. Write the same phrase what you have written under Calender Entry (steps 2 and 3) and click DONE.

In a Meeting, Don't Disturb Tasker Nexus and me

Calender Event and Tasker Profile

That’s it, you are done. So, the next day at 10’0 clock as soon as you step into the conference hall for meeting or the Cinema Theater Playing “Edge of the Tomorrow”  the phone auto sets into Silent Mode and A text message is sent to your dear one who matters to you. Everything is automatically done, if you have future appointments or meetings or gatherings just create an event in calender and compose an SMS to send. It is always a wise thing to tell before they ask, right!

Note : The “Calender” app Event Name and Description should match with the Tasker > Calender Entry Title and Description. And they are case-sensitive too.

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