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How-to quickly reply to Whatsapp and SMS messages from PC ?

quick reply whatsapp SMS messages from PC

Replying to messages from PC is never been an easy task. Though there are apps like Airdroid and Mighty text which serves the purpose but they are limited to SMS messages only and requires pairing and server installations. That’s a whole regular and caught-able setup.  And while at office its always be a judging task for all of us whether to give reply or not esp. to those Whatsapp messages. Pushbullet has solved this for upto some extent by its notification mirroring service, which mirrors whatever notification/messages you receives right on your PC. But replying to those messages isn’t possible till yesterday but not from today. Yes, as the Pushbullet’s “Messaging Extension API” is open to all, the other messaging app developers too join the party. Replying to SMS is free but for Whatsapp, you need to spend few dollars ($1.99) and requires Root.

Pushbullet evolve sms quick reply support

How-to quickly reply to Whatsapp and SMS messages?

Should have PushBullet preinstalled on your phone and chrome browser. If not, install them right away and check to enable the “Notification mirroring service” from the settings.

Google Play Store : Pushbullet

Google Chrome extension : Pushbullet

Evolve SMS : For SMS Messages

EvolveSMS is a powerful texting replacement app. If you are using Hangouts for both SMS and Hangout messages then Evolve SMS is recommended. Evolve SMS not only separates SMS and Hangouts but also makes talking to your friends quick, fun and easy! with its cool User-interface. And the present reply to SMS from PC makes it a must have app.

Like other apps just download and install from Google Play Store. After installation Evolve SMS will replace your current hangouts and sets itself as your default SMS app. Now when you receive an SMS that will be mirrored to your PC via Pushbullet. Just click on that mirrored Message and reply to the message from the window that appears on screen. That’s it. Cool Isn’t it. If you are already using Evolve SMS then you can find the option under “Settings > Desktop Messaging.”

Evolve SMS desktop sms reply support

Google play store :  Evolve SMS

Vegas SMS and Sliding Messaging Pro are two more apps which added support for Quick-reply from PC. So it is up to you which one choose.

Quick Reply for Pushbullet : For Whatsapp Messages

The developer of Ingenious apps has finally found a way to what everyone is dying for. The “Whatsapp Messages” : You can now reply to WhatsApp (and text messages) messages right from your PC! Though there are plenty of apps out there on Google play store for SMS reply from PC but coming to whatsapp there are none. Thanks to the developer behind the Ingenious apps who made this possible. Like other apps download and install from Google play store. But this isn’t a free app, you have to spend a few dollars ($1.99)  and it does require your phone to be rooted.

Ingenious apps support for whatsapp messages

Rooted your device then you are good to go. If not, here is a step-by-step guide on How to Root your Nexus 4/5/7 running Android 4.4.3+ Kitkat. Which is a common guide to all versions of Android.

Google Play Store : Ingenious Apps

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