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How to Restore your Nexus Stuck in Bootloop or Soft-Bricked ?


Bootloop or Soft-Brick of smartphones are something similar to blue screen of death on windows 7/8. This is a most common issue generally prevails due to incorrect drivers/software installation which leads to incompatibility with the hardware of the system. This can be fixed but you have to cost your files in the internal storage, as a complete wipe is required to return to stock or original state. So it is always advisable to check twice before you download a custom rom. Custom Roms are always device specific so you need to download and flash only that rom which is meant for that specific device/model. Never bother, we got a solution here. So, below is the how-to guide to restore your device back to original state, do follow each and every step. This guide is meant only for Nexus Devices!

How to Restore your Nexus Stuck in Bootloop or Soft-Bricked?

One smart way to deal with these kind of operations like rooting & flashing custom roms is Nexus Root Tool Kit. Do make use of this handy tool which guides you better than your friend or colleague. 🙂

Step 1 : Install Nexus Root Toolkit

This is a superb tool which not only simplifies the things but also explains each and every option and its purpose. To download Nexus Root Toolkit click this link from your Windows PC.

When the download has finished double click the .exe file and hit RUN. From the next window, click Install.

Nexus Root ToolKit NRT

When the installer is finished, you’ll be asked to enter your device name and Android build number. Choose your device and its built from the drop down and click Apply.

Android L to KitKat NexusandMe

Step 2: Restore back to Original State

Back on the main screen of NRT, choose the “Current State” as “Soft-Bricked/Bootloop” then click the button labeled Flash Stock + Unroot.

Flash Stock + Unroot

Then you should see the below popup window. Please don’t simply press the OK button, go through the instructions and then click the OK button.

Nexus Device Bootloop or Soft-bricked Recover

So after you get into the bootloader mode, connect your bricked phone/tablet to your computer using usb cable. Make sure there is no visible damage to the cable and the connection it makes at both ends is firm. Then, click the OK button.

Next you should see the below screen.

Automatically NRT Download Factory Image and Flash

Choose your Factory Image from the drop down and the ‘choice’ as “Automatically download + extract the factory image…” and click OK.

That’s it. The download begins, after completion the device flashes couple of times and then loads the stock rom on to your device. And that follows a ‘successful’ message at the end of the process.

Hope you all like this most simplified way to restore your device back to stock. Stuck at any point, feel free to ask us using the below comment section.

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