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Microsoft unviels it’s windows phone personal assistance, Cortana

Microsoft's contour to Google Now and Apple's Siri

Microsoft yesterday unveiled its own smartphone personal assistance named cortana to take on Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

How far could we consider it as a rival or competitor to the super hit Google Now and Siri. Even the guys with high end devices hardly use the voice search though they are out in early 2012 itself.

For some extent it is a Good move or update in it’s upcoming windows 8.1 but need lot more accurate results as no one would ever consider Bing over Google.


At the technology titan’s annual developers conference Mr.Joe Belfiore, vice president of windows phone  introduced Cortana onstage as part of windows phone 8.1.

“Cortana is the first truly personal digital assistant who learns about me, and the things that matter to me most, and knows about the whole Internet,” Belfiore said in a presentation.

Cortana responds to conversationally spoken requests or commands, using insights gleaned from calendars, contact lists, online searches and other smartphone sources to respond in a manner akin to a real-life aide, Belfiore said.

Cortana’s voice and character is based on a popular artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s blockbuster Xbox console video game “Halo.”

It comes as a long-awaited counter to the Siri virtual assistant on Apple mobile devices and Google Now capabilities in Android tablets and smartphones.

Cortana will be in a test, or beta, mode when it becomes available in a Windows Phone 8.1 software update, which is to begin rolling out in the United States in coming months.

The new version of Windows Phone 8.1 should be available on new phones beginning in late April or early May, according to Belfiore.

Microsoft met with real-life personal assistants while designing Cortana, which is powered behind the scene by search engine Bing, he said.

As do Siri and Google Now, Cortana can remind users of flights, appointments, birthdays, routes, or other information for managing lives.

“Imagine a real personal assistant, and the kinds of things you might ask to be organized,” Belfiore said while extolling Cortana’s capabilities.

After being tested in the US, Cortana will expand to Britain and China, and then other countries.

In a sign that Microsoft gave Cortana a playful side, Belfiore asked the virtual assistant to reveal the storyline of the next “Halo” game only to be told “I’m quite certain you don’t have the proper security clearance for that information.” – ndtv

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