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Motorola is hosting 24 hour Moto X sale on May 1st, Starting at $299.99

Moto X price slashed down by $50

We know that, Motorola and Google together launched two awesome price specific phones with high end specs, moto g and moto x. Moto G is so successful that it even dominated it’s own brother and another one is yet to come. If we closely look into the specifications, look and the features like ‘active display’ and all, Moto X can be considered as an alternate to Nexus 5, infact in some areas like ‘camera’ and the known for feature ‘The Active display’ could be a +1 for Moto X.

AMAZING PHONE AT AMAZING PRICE GRAB ONE ON MAY 1ST STARTING $299.99Even Motorola stated that they didn’t have a good sale on the Moto X in a while and another one is about to come. If you are thinking of Moto x then it is the right time to grab one. As Motorola is hosting a 24 hour Moto X sale on May 1st, Thursday. Motorola will be dropping the price of the 16GB Moto X to $299.99 and the 32GB and dev edition Moto X to $324.99 which is $50 price cut.

The Motorola Moto X is an amazing phone. While some of us may gravitate to top tier devices simply to satisfy our need for the fastest speeds and smoothest transitions possible, the Moto X remains an incredible device in our hearts. Though I use Nexus 5, would surely try to get one for my sister. With Touchless Control and Active Display, it brings innovative and unique features that other devices are sadly missing.

Though the successor to the Moto X will be coming out sometime this late summer, buying it at such a low price is still a pretty good idea. Having such a great device is worth $300. The sale starts at 12:01 Eastern on May 1st and will last for 24 hours, so grab yours as soon as you can!

May 1st, thursday. Save the date for mom.

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