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Save Battery by ‘auto kill apps’, Tasker : Profile 3

one of the smart way to avoid battery from being consumed auto kill apps

One of the serious issue with the present generation smartphones is its battery backup. It is obvious that a full 5 inch touch screen with full hd resolution will consume battery to a maximum extent, apart from this the other points to be considered are the applications. Yes, the apps like facebook, whatsapp, Google plus etc though not in use will constantly run in the background and thus the battery. So, how to shut those apps down and save the battery from being consumed.
Here we go, days back I have posted Save battery by setting your device into ‘Auto Night Mode’, Tasker : profile 2 which lets the phone into night mode automatically. So,now the task is to auto kill apps…


1. During bed time (11:30 pm to 7:30 am) and

2. when the battery level is at <14%

Above two are the Time and State I choose in tasker to perform tasks.


1. Open Tasker hit the ‘+‘ button at the bottom and select Time and set the ‘from’ and ‘to’ time for the profile to activate.

2. Now tap the back and create a task by name “Kill Apps” and tap the ‘+‘ button to get into the select action category screen.

3. In the Action Category Screen, select > App > Kill App >tap the application you want to kill and then check the Use Root if you have rooted your device.

Upon checking Use Root, will double kill the application. So apps like whatsapp and all needs double kill.

4.  Repeat the ‘Step 3‘ to add all the unnecessary apps under ‘Task Edit

I have added upto 20 applications under kill apps task.

5.  Now hit the back button. Tap the “+” in profiles tab again to create a new “State“.

6. Under State Category select Power > Battery Level > From 0 To 14 and tap the back button. It then asks to create a new task along with a list of already created tasks. So, browse the list for “Kill Apps” which we created and hit the back button.

saving battery made easy by tasker android

That’s it.

Now as the time ticks the 11.30 pm the earlier Auto Night Mode gets activated and all the unnecessary time killing background running apps gets killed. Which in turn leads to a better battery until next morning.

And when the battery level is at 14 % the same task will be performed in order to save battery.

check the Ram usage before and after the task, if you have any doubts.

Just say good bye to all battery saving applications as Tasker and a little bit of experiment does the thing more reliable than any application out there.

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