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‘Shake to Unlock’ your smartphone (android) Tasker : Profile 1

shake to unlock

Yes, shake your mobile in order to toggle between lock and unlock. I think this is a smart way to unlock mobile in front of your friends, right :P. Actually, this isn’t an app it is just a simple setup/profile which we going to create in Tasker.

What is a tasker?

Tasker is one such application with which we can do multiple tasks by creating a profile according to time/state/event/etc. The present shake to unlock is also a profile which I created using Tasker. So here is how-to!

How -To :

1. Download and install Tasker from here!

2. open Tasker >in  profiles tab >click ‘+‘ button at the bottom to create an event.

Shake to 'unlock' your smartphone (android) Tasker  Profile 1 nexusandme (1)

3. Now in Select Event Category > tap sensor > then shake.

in event edit set the axis to left-right, Sensitivity – medium, Duration – medium

after this click the back button at left side top corner to create a  task. Name it as ‘lock/unlock’

4.  Now in Task edit > click ‘+‘ button at bottom >Display >Keyguard . In action edit set it to Toggle which means, when you shake the mobile it toggles between unlock and lock.

calibration of the accelerometer sensor

5.  Goto tasker settings >preferences > under ‘monitor‘ >scroll down to accelerometer and tap the calibrate button and shake the mobile  to record the radius and sample rate.

That’s it.

Now lock the screen and try to unlock it by shaking the phone and vice-versa . It works like a charm.

Note : shake the way you calibrated the sensor.

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