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Silent working days, Tasker : Profile 7

life saver profile silent working hours tasker nexus and me

Most of us will turn the mobile into silent mode as soon as we reach the office or in Meetings. And it is obvious that we forgot to do so every day as it is a manual process which in turn leads our attention in front of our Boss or in Meetings. What will be our situation if the phone rang in the middle of an important meeting. It is that awkward moment we never expected, right!

For these kind of situations we have a one stop solution and that is Tasker. Yes, we can automate the process. As soon as we step into the office the phone will automatically set into silent mode and the ringer volume to zero. This is a most common situation which is not upto employees but even with students. So, below is the How-to guide which once set there is no looking back.

How-to ?

Steps :

1. As we need Tasker, if you don’t have download it from here!

This profile is based on calender and office hours. So, should calculate accordingly.

2. Open > Profiles > tap the “+” button at bottom and select “Day” context.

3. Now in “Day edit” > Set the month(s)and days. In my case I choose the current month ‘May‘ and week days from Mon-Fri except weekends.life save profile silent working hours Nexus and Me

4. Tap the back button > create a task as ‘Silent ON’ .

5. Under Task Edit tap the “+” button at bottom > Audio >  Ringer Volume > Level to zero (0) and hit the back button.

6. Create another Task by tapping the “+” button > Audio > Media Volume > Level to zero (0) a
nd hit the back button.

7. Now Long-press on the Profile we just created and select > Time.

8. Set the Working Hours. In my case it is from 10AM -6PM and then hit the back button.

Life saver profile Tasker Nexus and Me

That’s it and you are done.

It isn’t necessary to add an Exit Task. But it is advisable to add because if the before state of phone is a silent mode then the same will be taken at the end of the current task. So, to add an exit task just follow the steps down below.

9. Long press on the “Task” and select “Exit Task

10. Repeat steps 5 and 6 but here the Ringer and Media Volume levels is up to you. I have set my Ringer Volume to 5 and Media Volume to 10.

This is one life saver profile  I created using Tasker. If you go through my previous posts about Tasker all are situation based. As those are not the situations up to me but with every guy faced at one time or the other. So, be smart and think differently not like your colleagues or friends. If you have found something useful or created one using Tasker share them in the below comments.

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  • Dr Atomic

    Thanks for the Tasker recipes. Two that I created that are similar to yours:

    1) Silent phone when face down. If I go into a meeting, I just put the phone facedown on the table and — presto — no interruptions.

    Recipe: Orientation face down -> Task: silent mode on.

    When you pick it up, since not face down, silent mode goes off.

    2) Silent phone when in meeting. I keep all my business appts in one google calendar and personal stuff in a different google calendar. When there is an appt on my business calendar, phone goes to silent mode.

    Recipe: State > app > calendar entry (pick the correct calendar under the “calendar” field) -> Task: Silent Mode.

    The second is especially nice b/c I am a teacher and I put my class schedule into my calendar. So my phone NEVER rings during class.

    This could be combined with a task to send an SMS to tell callers that I’m in class (or a meeting) but I haven’t bothered yet.

  • David Griffiths

    I have a similar profile for this, but I find it doesn’t work. I wonder if anyone reading can help me? Here’s what I have…

    I have a profile I named Work & Silent Places. It’s not based on specific days and times, like Mon to Fri and 9am to 5pm, but instead when I am near cell towers. So one day at work I used Tasker to detect as many cell tower signals as I could that are near my work building.
    The tasks are as follows…
    1. Silent Mode > Vibrate.
    2. Notification Volume > Level 0.
    3. Ringer > Level 0.
    4. Notification Pulse > Set Off.
    5. System Volume > Level 0.

    For some reason this doesn’t work and I occasionally still get a sound / alert / ringtone when I have an incoming message, email or call. It’s most frustrating because I have a similar profile for turning my WiFi on when I am near cell towers around my home. And that works fine.

    I’m running Android 6.0.1 on an LG G5. Before this phone, I had the LG G3, same version of Android, and the profile too did not work on that phone.

    Any suggestions?