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An SMS could help in tracing your lost phone, How-to? Tasker: Profile 4

trace your device with a simple standard sms

Lost your mobile or left somewhere unnoticed in office or at home. Then, here is a solution for those who are regretting of loosing such a high end device even though has the facility of tracing through GPS and Upon not enabling it. Yes, keeping GPS, Wifi and Data ON for hours do consumes battery a lot but they are the only means to the trace the device.

Though they are plenty of apps out there on Google play store but none of them has the ability to turn the GPS, WiFi and Mobile Data ON – when turned OFF. And this key thing could be resolved by just sending a simple standard SMS. Yes, with tasker we can get this work done for us. As far as I know no app features this type of activity. Apart all of them do require GPS ON 24×7. which in turn drains battery like a vampire.

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So, how to turn the GPS Wifi and Data ON. Here again comes the application ‘tasker’ into action. We are going to create a profile in such a way that by just sending an SMS from your friend or colleague‘s the phone reacts and will turn ON all the necessary options required for tracing.

Let’s name the profile as ‘Anti-Theft SMS resolver’. For this we need two applications one is Tasker and the other is Secure Settings, which is a plugin for Tasker application.

Anti-Theft SMS Resolver : How-To :


1. Download and install Tasker and Secure settings plugin.

2. Open Tasker > in  Profiles tab > click ‘+‘ button at the bottom to create an event.

3. In Select event category > Tap Phone > Received Text.

4. Now in Event edit set the following

Type : ANY

Sender : Any Contact

Content : “GPS and Data ON”

5. after this click the back button at left side top corner to create a task and name it as ‘GPS ON

6. Now in Task edit > click ‘+‘ button at bottom > Plugin > Secure settings > Configuration Edit > Actions > Mobile Data > ON.

7. Under System+ Actions you will find the GPS, turn it ON.

8. Now to turn wifi on tap the + button at bottom > Net > Wifi > ON.

anti-theft - sms resolver a smart way to turn on gps wifi and data

That’s it, now hit the back button and test it by sending an SMS from your friend or colleague‘s phone. And try tracing it using Android Device Manager or some other app. It should work and it will, for sure.

Note : If your device got stolen, sending an SMS as ‘GPS ON‘ may alert the thief. So, instead of GPS ON, Compose some other phrase like Dude, where are you? upon seeing this the thief may consider its as a regular text from friend. Tricky part, right! 😛

What if the thief power off your phone as soon as he stolen it. Even for this there is solution, to know more go through the link down below.

Xposed Frameworks, Features Modules and Installation :Explanied!

Advanced Power Menu” and “Gravity Box

are two Xposed Modules using them you can ‘Disable’ the ‘Power Menu’ on ‘Lock Screen’.

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