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IFTTT for Android Control The Internet

IFTTT is the kind of black magic that web images use to bend the Internet to their will. The best part is that the command that gets it to work is pretty simple. There’s no abra cadabra or expelliarmus to memorize here. Just open the  app and fill in the blanks within the statement if ___ then ___ with triggers and actions of your choice. As an aspiring web wizards we can carry around this well-disguised wand.

Uber for Android : Your Personal Private Driver

Hailing a cab in busy cities is not always easy, the awful experience of encountering a rude driver, a smelly car or being charged additional fees can easily ruin a great night and make you reconsider taking a cab next time you go out. The simplest way to avoid these problems, but also to impress friends and ensure a spotless drive, is to hire a personal driver. While this doesn’t seem like an option for most of us, Uber for android is the perfect solution to the problem, an on-demand private driver, who’s always sharply dressed, comes to pick you up in the fanciest vehicle in town and makes sure you’re seated comfortably during your trip.

Telegram For Android Secure Safe and Speed NexusandMe

Telegram is a messaging app with some stunning multimedia options, the base of telegram focused on speed and security. Yes it’s a super-fast, fully secure app with a simple layout. Telegram is one of free messaging app which far better among its many competitors known as What’sApp, Viber etc. However, telegram as it name refers fully optimize chat app which comes with some important advantages over the others. As well as it comes with some incredible features that aside it from other usual apps. Telegram is not like other apps that fully control user’s data, instead of others it right away secure the data of individual users by the intelligent transmission of messages & multimedia files. Believe me you’ll also find it an impressive app which treat you with it dazzling elements. If we talk in term of performance, to be honest its overall performance is just exceptional. As you use it you’ll gradually discover its shinning components.Telegram For Android : Secure, Safe & Speed

ccleaner cache cleaner android nexusandme

CCleaner for Android promises improved analysis and cleaning processes as well as a handful of new features and tweaks.

The app, which requires an Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or up, provides a selection of cleaning tools for reclaiming storage space and improving performance by removing junk and other unnecessary files.

The improved Analysis and Cleaning process comes with a couple of improvements: the first is a new Thumbnail Cache cleaning option, which clears the thumbnail files from the Gallery app. In this release, users cannot selectively clear thumbnails – it’s an all or nothing option.

Best Top 12 Apps for your Rooted Android Device

A guy holding an android device for almost an year would surely hear/read about rooting and the advantages on rooting an android device at some point or the other. Haven’t heard? then you may now certainly have to. As here is a list of top 12 root apps which not only supercharges your android device but also takes your customization skills to a whole new level.

What is Rooting? and How to Root?

Rooting is often done to gain full administrator access i.e., ability to alter or replace system applications and settings, running specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions and to replace the operating system entirely.

Still want to be in a locked state? No, then here is a quick guide on “How to root and flash custom recovery ?

Multi Users on Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 NexusandMe

The ‘Multiple User Profiles’ is the feature you see in Nexus tablets running Jelly bean or Higher and is available only for tablets. Why only for Tablets? Because tablets often migrate between various people in the same household. Lord knows, you wouldn’t want your kids candycrush, dad’s finance, newspaper apps littering your home screens, right! But these days even the mobiles aren’t personnel anymore. So being able to give them their own sign in would be positive for all. But how, this isn’t available for smartphones! Those who concern much about their privacy and security of the content on their smartphones, for them here is the quick guide on “How to Enable Multiple User Profiles on Nexus 4 or 5 ?” So, Lets get started.


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