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IP Cast, Super Beam, ES File Explorer are 3 best IP based file transfer apps Nexus and Me

File transfer is never been an easy task since the android has its debut. Android has taken the file transfer system to whole new level from single to bulk, wired to wireless and also brought some new technologies into light like NFC, Wifi-direct and more. If you are an android user there is nothing to say about its awesomeness. Even $22,000 Vertu Mobile is running on Android. What the hell, can’t they have their own operating system. :p

And coming to today’s ip based apps they are handy, useful and recommended over other apps because they doesn’t require any Login’s, server or app installations from receiver’s side. If your mobile and laptop are connected to same WiFi then you are good to go. As the whole thing depends or carries on same IP.

Google Gesture Search and Search Now

Scrolling down the app drawer and finding an app is never been an easy task as far as I know. As the number of apps increasing day by day and thus the installations. This, finally resulting in more than 100+ apps by the end of a month or two. Though the Google now has the open apps feature but is limited to only some apps which are popular. The voice search is not as reliable as Google states and surely depends on the accent of his/her. Lets leave the Google Now for a while because even if it finds the app it takes time to load, and requires an active internet connection all the time. And one main thing is that no one uses it when in public as it seems weird to others speaking to phone. :p

So lets put a check to this issue. One smart way to find apps or contacts is by using gestures and everyone should adopt this way of getting things done as they are the future and the other is a floating search app; which is persistent to a corner of the screen for quick access.

pushbullet and airdroid two best notification mirroring apps

Notification mirroring is one awesome feature on which these days the developers are  focusing a bit more than other contexts. Though the pop-ups on chrome desktop may seem bit annoying at times but have all the essential settings which let us to choose only a specific app(s) notifications to mirror. Of all the apps out there on Google Play Store, the two apps which are the reason for this post are not limited to mirroring but apart from that they also features other aspects which are sure to be considered. As they are the best in their category.

Pushbullet and Air-droid, these are the two productivity apps which features that awesome notification mirroring feature. I think most of you guys are aware of these apps. If so, get the most of it; If not try them.

now just knock the phone twice to unlock it

Gestures are one smart way to launch applications or a certain activity by simply swiping a finger or two down up right or left. The current Motion Gestures launcher known as Knockr is also from the same category but has some short of importance, one among them is; we can quickly enter an app with gestures without having to turn the screen on and the other is the “double tap” feature for unlocking the screen.

now schedule whatsapp and viber messages

Whatsapp and Viber, the two best unbeatable messaging apps which are so popular that they just replaced the regular SMS texting, if we were talking about their popularity should probably talk about that one big thing happend in Feb,’14 ” facebook whatsapp acquisition”. The day since I installed whatsapp on my mobile, I just stopped looking for SMS packs and using Viber I used to make calls over home wifi. It  is with every guy who had whatsapp and viber installed on their mobiles. As the apps gets popular so will be their addons to enchance and to meet the peoples queries. And one such addon is the see bye scheduler.


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