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Today in the world of technology, it is all about wireless connectivity and mobility. And so the devices whether it is mobile or tab or a laptop or a smart watch or a chromebox. Whatever, the ultimate aim is the connectivity over the air and on the go. So, why still hanging out with cables and usb/hdmi ports. Just go through the post to know How-to share files at lightning speed.

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Here, in this post the two awesome apps I found to be the best and would certainly bought them even if they are paid apps. Yes, these are such kind of apps which made transferring files, so simple so ease that one would remain astonished for atleast a min. or two.

sidebar launcher alternative by senior xda developer

Though the phones getting smarter none of the OEM’s are concentrating on the UI. Yes, esp. the devices running stock android. Though the new version is buttery smooth, lag free and lite but Google didn’t made much in user interface. Thus comes the apps like sidebar launchers, floating Touchers etc etc…

So here, the app by name lmt laucher also called as pie launcher is rock stable, lite (just 1.15mb in size), super smooth, lighting fast, single touch or multitouch gestures , commands, ISAS (invisible swipe areas) all these actions can be performed on any app/screen/etc and the options under setting’s  and other customization options made this as one of the best in the class.

youtube leanback a chromecast alternative

Today out of 10 guys 6 were using an android device. See, how far the Google’s fine product has gone. Android has changed the way we see things and their functionality. If we have working Wifi at home or in office we can do miracles, the phone which is in your hands can act as a remote, mouse or even as a joystick.

Yes, here in this post the three awesome apps which I am going to share makes your jaw drop for sure.


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