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quick reply whatsapp SMS messages from PC

Replying to messages from PC is never been an easy task. Though there are apps like Airdroid and Mighty text which serves the purpose but they are limited to SMS messages only and requires pairing and server installations. That’s a whole regular and caught-able setup.  And while at office its always be a judging task for all of us whether to give reply or not esp. to those Whatsapp messages. Pushbullet has solved this for upto some extent by its notification mirroring service, which mirrors whatever notification/messages you receives right on your PC. But replying to those messages isn’t possible till yesterday but not from today. Yes, as the Pushbullet’s “Messaging Extension API” is open to all, the other messaging app developers too join the party. Replying to SMS is free but for Whatsapp, you need to spend few dollars ($1.99) and requires Root.

Android 4.4.4 kitkat manual update rooted Nexus Device

Google started rolling out yet another kitkat update 4.4.4 to all the nexuses and probably be last. The nexus owners can update to latest version through the OTA but what about those who rooted their device. Even the guys with rooted device will receive the OTA update notification but end up in an unsuccessful reboot. So, for them here is a Step-by-Step Guide on how to manually update to the latest 4.4.4 Kitkat without losing data.

This guide isn’t upto the current version of kitkat but the same can be used for other future updates too and also this is a common guide to all the nexus line of devices. So make a bookmark of this page or add to pocket for future.


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