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How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App NexusandMe

Are you aware of Tasker and its automation functionality then probably would heard about its ‘App Creation’ feature. Haven’t, then this is the time to transform your profiles as standalone applications. The below Guide, guides you on “How to Export a Tasker Profile as an Android App ?”. This process doesn’t require any coding skills, everything is auto and takes less than a minute to export. What all the things you should be ready with are

Water your body Tasker Profile 11 NexusandMe

This guide is about reminding yourself on timely basis about a certain task/work. Water your body is an example profile which explains how to make use of the push bullet’s tasker plugin, IF Else conditions, notify sound and task repetition options. If you haven’t gone through the recent updates “What’s New” section of pushbullet on Google Play Store then you may now have to. They recently extended their support for tasker, you can find the option “push a notification” under plugins. Though the tasker has the notify, notify sound, notify vibrate and other but they aren’t as easy as ‘push bullet plugin’ to work out with.

When Headset Plugged In Tasker Nexus and Me

This is one nifty profile created using Tasker. Till yesterday I used to follow the same old regular path that every guy used to follow on his/her phone whenever thought of having some music/video but not from today. Yes, playing music/video over earphones usually takes 3 steps. After Plugging in the earphones should unlock the screen then head over to the app drawer, scroll down the list of apps – find and open. So, thinking of this I then cut short the number of steps to 1. How? Using Tasker.

The profile which we going to create in Tasker app will fetch a list of ‘media apps’ on screen to choose as soon as we plug in the earphones. Simply tap on the desired app to open.


Searching, downloading, cropping  and setting wallpapers on mobile/tab is a common thing that everyone does. But have you ever thought of making this whole thing automated. Though you may find an app or two which are relevant to what we are discussing right now but does they also reminds you about those important dates, events or birthday’s which matters to you and your dear one’s. If your answer is Facebook or some other social networking site. How about if you don’t have time or interest or some other reason which keeps you away from it esp. on those important days. Even though the social networking sites syncs birthdays with Google calender, some may go through those notification and some may not and some accidentally clear them along with other notifications. And one main thing here is does all your dear ones are on facebook? And none reminds you about your personal events as they waits esp. for you to wish.

In a Meeting Phone Don't Disturb Tasker Nexus and me

So, here again some what important for you as well as for your dear ones, about your current position, where you have been – in a board meeting or at movies. Wherever the first and the foremost thing you should do is to inform those who thinks of you all the time. Yes, your family members. This is so important that many have gone through horrible situations, not only upon informing but also on not lifting the phone. And also about those important meetings, when your friends or dear ones keep on calling not knowing your current position.

This guide is especially for those guys who cares about everything and everyone. Guys this is simple, just set an auto SMS and be relaxed and let others. For all these kinda situations the one stop solution is Tasker. And the whole process involved over here would be simple for those who have gone through my previous guides about Tasker. If not, no worries will guide you set-by-step.

life saver profile silent working hours tasker nexus and me

Most of us will turn the mobile into silent mode as soon as we reach the office or in Meetings. And it is obvious that we forgot to do so every day as it is a manual process which in turn leads our attention in front of our Boss or in Meetings. What will be our situation if the phone rang in the middle of an important meeting. It is that awkward moment we never expected, right!

For these kind of situations we have a one stop solution and that is Tasker. Yes, we can automate the process. As soon as we step into the office the phone will automatically set into silent mode and the ringer volume to zero. This is a most common situation which is not upto employees but even with students. So, below is the How-to guide which once set there is no looking back.


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