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Tasker and autoremote nexusandme

This is one rocking profile I created after going through couple of situations over past one week and been thinking of  how to overcome the manual connection of laptop with phone via bluetooth. So, then opened Google Playstore searched for about two minutes and found an app by name Auto Remote. To my astonishment this is a plugin again for the Tasker application. And implemented the idea I got in tasker with the help of Auto Remote  plugin and it worked! Yes, I am able to take all the calls right from my laptop irrespective of the phones position. Let it be in living room or on dining table, no matter. If it is in the wifi range or on the mobile data, is enough for it to function. Apart from taking calls you can also dial numbers, access call logs, call history and even music. And most of you guys might be knowing what all the tasks can be done upon pairing the laptop with phone via bluetooth.

creating pop-up dialogues alerts using tasker

Yes, in android you has this ability to create your own pop-ups & dialogues and that too with voice, like Jarvis in Ironman :p. So, now lets  make your smartphone a best companion like any other; which reminds you, alerts you, warns you and also greets you. Would you like to see your mobile act just like a robot or as a personal assistant like Jarvis to Robert Downey, Jr.

Then, lets get started.

Just follow the steps as it is and the same to be performed in all the cases. Now, its your time to create something innovatively and make people feel of not owning an Android device like this.

Here again comes the best; Tasker into action. Tasker not only auto sets the things and tasks but also lets us, to create our own pop-ups, dialogues and alerts. If you haven’t gone through the Tasker’s previous how-to tutorials then go through the link down below.

trace your device with a simple standard sms

Lost your mobile or left somewhere unnoticed in office or at home. Then, here is a solution for those who are regretting of loosing such a high end device even though has the facility of tracing through GPS and Upon not enabling it. Yes, keeping GPS, Wifi and Data ON for hours do consumes battery a lot but they are the only means to the trace the device.

Though they are plenty of apps out there on Google play store but none of them has the ability to turn the GPS, WiFi and Mobile Data ON – when turned OFF. And this key thing could be resolved by just sending a simple standard SMS. Yes, with tasker we can get this work done for us. As far as I know no app features this type of activity. Apart all of them do require GPS ON 24×7. which in turn drains battery like a vampire.

one of the smart way to avoid battery from being consumed auto kill apps

One of the serious issue with the present generation smartphones is its battery backup. It is obvious that a full 5 inch touch screen with full hd resolution will consume battery to a maximum extent, apart from this the other points to be considered are the applications. Yes, the apps like facebook, whatsapp, Google plus etc though not in use will constantly run in the background and thus the battery. So, how to shut those apps down and save the battery from being consumed.
Here we go, days back I have posted Save battery by setting your device into ‘Auto Night Mode’, Tasker : profile 2 which lets the phone into night mode automatically. So,now the task is to auto kill apps…

shake to unlock

Yes, shake your mobile in order to toggle between lock and unlock. I think this is a smart way to unlock mobile in front of your friends, right :P. Actually, this isn’t an app it is just a simple setup/profile which we going to create in Tasker.

What is a tasker?

Tasker is one such application with which we can do multiple tasks by creating a profile according to time/state/event/etc. The present shake to unlock is also a profile which I created using Tasker. So here is how-to!


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