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Multi Users on Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 NexusandMe

The ‘Multiple User Profiles’ is the feature you see in Nexus tablets running Jelly bean or Higher and is available only for tablets. Why only for Tablets? Because tablets often migrate between various people in the same household. Lord knows, you wouldn’t want your kids candycrush, dad’s finance, newspaper apps littering your home screens, right! But these days even the mobiles aren’t personnel anymore. So being able to give them their own sign in would be positive for all. But how, this isn’t available for smartphones! Those who concern much about their privacy and security of the content on their smartphones, for them here is the quick guide on “How to Enable Multiple User Profiles on Nexus 4 or 5 ?” So, Lets get started.


Android L, though it is still under testing everyone dying for that User-interface (esp. the Material design UI, Notification Drawer, keyboard, heads-up) and other under the hood tweaks. As the developer preview is not meant for daily drive many are trying to imitate that awesome look and feel of the Android L right from the day it was disclosed. And this lead to too many apps on Google Play Store, If one app is meant for notification drawer style and the other for that material design user-interface finally we end up in installing a whole bunch of apps. And here the one considerable thing is most of them are paid apps, do they all actually worth buying ? Guys with rooted device has an advantage as they can try them all for free as all the apps are available in the form of Xposed Modules. Rooted your device then you are good to go.


Navigation bar is that black bar at the bottom of the screen which houses the device navigation controls Back, Home, and Recents. This is one trendy feature has its debut since Android 4.0 and been continuing and this is present only on devices that don’t have the traditional hardware keys. If you got bored with the “standard” Android 4.0+ navigation bar or want to try the latest Android L’s navigation bar on your device then here is a way to change it right away. But this thing requires root as we are going to use the Xposed Frameworks.

If you haven’t rooted your device yet then here is a Step-by-Step guide on How to Root your Nexus 4/5/7 running Android 4.4.3+ Kitkat. Don’t know about Xposed frameworks and its modules then go through this Xposed tag.

lg g3 knock code xposed module for nexus 4 and nexus 5 nexus and me

LG recently launched their 2014 Flagship Android Smartphone, the LG G3 which is a follow-up to 2013 well-received LG G2. The LG G3 is a monster in terms of specifications and features. The device sports some really jaw dropping specs – a 5.5 inch QHD Screen with 538ppi pixel density, 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, 3 Gigs of RAM, 13MP Camera with Laser Auto Focus, Metallic body and more.

The major enhancements that LG G3 brought with this smartphone is to its User-Interface by considering the present Flat icons trend and other UX features. The UX features are really cool, unique and seems justifying the tag “Simple is the New Smart” as most of them starts with the word “Smart” and they are indeed. Even today’s the Knock Code is also one of the LG G3 UX feature. Thanks to the developer who emulated the same functioning for other OEM devices in the form of an Xposed Module.

Screen recording on Android KitKat using Gravity an Xposed Framework

Screen Recording is a superb feature in Android KitKat but unfortunately we can’t find that option anywhere on our phone as it is a supported feature which lies ‘under the hood’. If you see, even for screenshots we used to press and hold those volume, power or someother hardware buttons as there is no dedicated option. Don’t know why Google isn’t indulging visible options for these kind of awesome features, though supports. The present Screen recording feature is really a great way to create walk-through’s, tutorials and also perfect for reporting bugs. If you are an enthusiast and searching the same on web, then you are at right place.

Actually there are two best methods for recording screen on android one for unrooted devices and the other for rooted devices. Rooted devices has an added advantage as they can record on-the-go with just a single tap but for unrooted devices the setup is bit on harder side as we require a Windows PC, ADB bundle Software and a USB Cable always. No worries, this how-to guide explains each and every step in detail.

Top 10 Xposed Modules you should try

Xposed Frameworks is one such application which breaks all the rules, rights, permissions, coding and re-writes them. Have you ever searched for screen recording in android? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘airplane mode’ or ‘data toggle‘ under power menu? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘tiles under quick settings panel‘ ? These quires are not up to you, every guy who holds a brand new unrooted smartphone running stock android asks his fellow beside him or the web for sure. And for all these type of advanced yet powerful customizing options Xposed Frameworks is the only solution as far as I know. If you are running a custom rom like cynogenmod or pac roms they may include the same under settings. But here it is about unrooted smartphones and the answer is. No, you can’t attain all those power options unless untill you root your device. We have solutions for everything just unleash your phone’s inner capabilities with Xposed.

If you haven’t gone through my previous post about Xposed Frameworks on what is it? what it does actually? what are Xposed Modules? and all. Then go through the link down below.


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