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How to theme your phone like Android L with Xposed ?


Android L, though it is still under testing everyone dying for that User-interface (esp. the Material design UI, Notification Drawer, keyboard, heads-up) and other under the hood tweaks. As the developer preview is not meant for daily drive many are trying to imitate that awesome look and feel of the Android L right from the day it was disclosed. And this lead to too many apps on Google Play Store, If one app is meant for notification drawer style and the other for that material design user-interface finally we end up in installing a whole bunch of apps. And here the one considerable thing is most of them are paid apps, do they all actually worth buying ? Guys with rooted device has an advantage as they can try them all for free as all the apps are available in the form of Xposed Modules. Rooted your device then you are good to go.

Here are those three Xposed Modules and the keyboard which turn your mobile look alike Android L. If you have gone through my previous article on How-to change your Nexus Navigation Bar and Screen Recording. Then you are done with two modules. Of two, one is “Android L Navigation Bar” and the other is “Gravity Box”. The third module is the “Android L Theme.” Which brings that material design interface to most of the apps.


Xposed Modules 

Gravity Box :

If you are aware of Xposed Frameworks then surely be about Gravity box. This is a tweak box for all the users of AOSP devices. Coming to today’s theming we are using Gravity box for “Heads-up Notification”. It is that floating notification feature seen during the Google I/O notification presentation. The Head-up, allows notifications to float over the rest of your actions instead of just living in the notification drawer for a short period of time on the device with an expanded layout with its actions exposed. After the period of time (5 sec), it retreats back to the Notification shade.

Notification Heads up Gravity box Xposed Module

To enable this heads-up feature Head over to Gravity Box > Status Bar Tweaks > Notification Heads Up > ON. Also includes settings for Notification Timeout and Expanded View.

Download Link : Gravity Box [KK]

Android L Navigation Bar :

As the name suggests, this module makes the current navigation bar like the new Android L navigation bar. To download just head over to Xposed Frameworks > Download section and search for “Android L Navigation Bar” then Swipe Right > download and Install. After successful installation tap on the “Activate and Reboot” notification that pops.

Android L keyboard Xposed Module Nexus and Me

Download  Link : Android L Navigation Bar

Android L Theme :

This is that Xposed module which themes pretty much everything, including statusbar icons, settings, calculator, ringtones, xposed frameworks, Android L wallpaper, Fonts and so on.

Applying theme is pretty simple just like any other app. To download tap this link from your phone and then install it. After successful installation activate the module and reboot the device. Now after reboot head over to Android L Theme app and check the UI features and tap the Apply button. It then asks to reboot your device once again for applying theme.

Android L Theme Xposed Module Nexus and Me

Download Link : Anroid-L-Theme-v1.1.apk

Android L Keyboard : Standalone App

Android L keyboard has been extracted from the developer preview and is made available for all as a standalone app and that too for free. Thanks to the developer shen ye who made this Android L keyboard. The keyboard has all those visual styling, functions and works just like any other third party keyboard on your phone. The keyboard also supports guesture typing.

Android L keyboard standalone apk

Google Play Store : Android L Keyboard (Removed)

Download Link : Android L Keyboard (Mediafire Link)

This is how you can theme your current OS match the Android L with Xposed Frameworks and Android L Keyboard. Hope you like the way I theme my Mobile. If so, share it with your fellow Nexus owners.

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