This Epic Marvel VS DC Animated Fan Film is the Ultimate Crossover


    Prepare to see one of the most epic battles ever released in the Internet. This ultimate crossover is a must-see. It’s Marvel vs. DC!

    Saruhan Saral animated this epic video featuring characters from the Marvel and DC Universe clashing against each other. No one knows why they’re fighting, but I’m glad they are because this is damn entertaining to watch. Check it out in the player below:

    It opens up with Spider-Man spider-sensing Batman arriving in his Batmobile. Then Green Lantern and Iron Man join the fight. Then next thing you know, all hell breaks loose when heroes and villains from both comic book universes battle it out in the city. It’s action-packed and more epic than your average superhero movie, but you’d wonder how the hell did The Hulk catch The Flash? Or why did Wonder Woman and Captain America awkwardly pause their fight when they saw someone falling? Nonetheless, Marvel vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover is the greatest crossover animated fan film I’ve ever seen. I just hope Marvel team wins. So which side are you rooting for?

    Marvel or DC?

    Marvel VS DC Animated Fan Film

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