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Top 10 Xposed Modules you need know

Top 10 Xposed Modules you should try

Xposed Frameworks is one such application which breaks all the rules, rights, permissions, coding and re-writes them. Have you ever searched for screen recording in android? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘airplane mode’ or ‘data toggle‘ under power menu? Have you ever searched for how-to add ‘tiles under quick settings panel‘ ? These quires are not up to you, every guy who holds a brand new unrooted smartphone running stock android asks his fellow beside him or the web for sure. And for all these type of advanced yet powerful customizing options Xposed Frameworks is the only solution as far as I know. If you are running a custom rom like cynogenmod or pac roms they may include the same under settings. But here it is about unrooted smartphones and the answer is. No, you can’t attain all those power options unless untill you root your device. We have solutions for everything just unleash your phone’s inner capabilities with Xposed.

If you haven’t gone through my previous post about Xposed Frameworks on what is it? what it does actually? what are Xposed Modules? and all. Then go through the link down below.

Xposed Frameworks, Features Modules and Installation :Explanied!

The above link also includes the top 10 xposed modules one should try on their rooted device for sure. If you didn’t, then go through it as here is another list of modules ready to try which I sorted out esp. for Nexus 5 or 4 owners.

Here is the list of top 10 Xposed Modules :

1. AppOpsXposed : This module restores the “App Ops” functionality on Android 4.4.2 and also adds an item in the native Settings app.

What it does : Upon installing an app from playstore or from other unknown source, the very first thing that pops up are the “App Permissions” most of us just simply skip it without reading by hitting the “accept” button. For eg. Viber it has nothing to do with read SMS/MMS except at the time of verification. With AppOps we can turn off these kind of permissions which are no longer required by the app.

Xposed Nexus and Me

2. Always Correct : This module allows all keyboards to use their auto-correct function for all text fields.

What it does : At the time of login, the auto-correct is disabled by that app because it may add unwanted spaces or words it is all about security eventhough we had our names and id’s are feed in keyboards we can’t use them by swiping. There comes this auto correct into action. Just swipe the starting three or four chracters of your email id or username and the tap the prediction that appears.

3. Android Phone Vibrator : This xposed module can vibrate the phone at different call status.

What it does : This module can be considered as an alert/ reminder which reminds you by vibrating when an outgoing or incoming call is connected. Vibrate when an incoming call is waiting, Vibrate during outgoing call at 45 seconds mark of every minute and more. It is up to you which option to choose. I choose the 45 sec mork option as it seems useful which reminds you about how long you been on call.

4. Gravity Box [KK] : This is an all-in-one complex module for devices running Android 4.4 kitkat.

What it does : It does everything. Yes, right from tiles under quick settings panel to the advanced options like screen recording. You can control and customize each and every option in android in detail. The module also includes the above Android Phone Vibrator, full screen caller id, long press actions, Advanced power menu and more. Its a whole set of stable modules.

Xposed Nexus and Me

5. Ok, Google for third party launchers : This module enables Ok, Google on major 3rd party launchers like Nova Apex ADW Action and more.

What it does : Upon installing launchers like Nova Action Aviate and others over Google Experience Launcher we can’t access the Ok, Google on homescreen. This is where the module comes into action it enables not only on third party launchers like nova apex adw but also on OEM launchers eg : Xperia, Htc Sence, Touchwiz and Lg launcher

6. Google Play Music Listen : This module allows you to change the defaults Google Play Music panes and tabs.

What it does : For Example, make the “My Library” screen the default and have it open to “songs” instead of “Artists.”

7. Double Tap to Sleep : Just double tap the status bar to sleep.

What it does : This module allows us an extra option for setting the device into sleep. This is here because in what ever app you may be in you don’t have to run the finger to power button just double tap the notification bar and the phone sleeps.

8. MinMinGuard : This module removes ads completely inside apps and the empty space caused by those ads.

What it does : Apart from removing ads MinMinGuard is also successful in removing that black space, which extends the app window and makes your user-experience better. This project has been cancelled upon developers request. So, you won’t be getting any further updates.

9. Notify Clean : Cleans up notification area.

What it does : This module allows you to configure which apps are allowed to create notifications in the top left area. If an app creates a notification it will be collected and added to the list. You can deny all notifications of an app or only specific messages.

10. Nexus NavBar :  change the navBar icon style.

What it does : This module lets you select various navbar softkeys styles and presets for Navbar height and width.

These are the 10 awesome Xposed modules which I sorted out after testing each and every module and its compatibility with our nexus devices. And to download these modules/apps you need Xposed Installer as said before. And navigate to download section and search the modules listed above by their name download and enjoy.

If you guys know any module that isn’t listed over here and worth being part of the list then please share it with your fellow Android users using the below comment section.

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