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Top 10 Zooper Widget Skins you should try

Top 10 Zooper Widget Skins Nexus and Me

Have you gone through my previous article about Top 10 Icon Packs/themes you should try, not yet then you may now have to as here is another list which is also a part of ‘customizing android’ but this time it is about Zooper Widget and its skins. I don’t think I need to introduce about Zooper Widget to you guys as this is one of the most popular widget apps on Google Play Store and appears first in the list if your search query is “Widgets”. And is so popular because of its in-depth customization options and skins support it offers to users, the app also allows users to create their own widgets according to their taste using presets.

Didn’t try or heard about this app till now then you may now, as this is yet another recommended app from NexusandMe. And to try all the skins listed below you should have Zooper Widget Pro pre-installed on your mobile. So lets see which widget best suits your Homescreen.

Top 10 Zooper widget skins : (Revised List)

1. Minarch (Free)

2. Iridescent (Paid)

3. Zooper By Beard (Paid)

4. Plastix – Widget For Zooper (Paid)

5. Phoenix for Zooper (Paid)

6. Naxos Flat UI (Free) & Naxos Round UI (Paid)

7. Retro Zooper Skins 2.0(Free)

8. Glam – Widget for Zooper(Free)

9. Ripper Zooper (Paid)

10. XXXX – Zooper Widget (Paid)

Prerequisites :

General Installation Guide :

  • Download and install the skin which you like the most.
  • Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen (via long press on homescreen if you’re running a launcher or via appdrawer if you’re on stock ROM).

Not sure which widget size best fits the skin then go through the ‘How-to Install’ under App description- Google Play Store

  • When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose the skin to apply.

Cool isn’t it. So which one did you like the most, if the one you like isn’t listed then share it with your fellow nexus owners using the below comment section. Though most of them are paid apps but if you want to bring that rich, premium, elegant, posh look to your phone/tablet then you may certainly have to get one for sure and they are worth the price at which they are set. Go ahead and try.

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