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Two best notification mirroring apps you need know

pushbullet and airdroid two best notification mirroring apps

Notification mirroring is one awesome feature on which these days the developers are  focusing a bit more than other contexts. Though the pop-ups on chrome desktop may seem bit annoying at times but have all the essential settings which let us to choose only a specific app(s) notifications to mirror. Of all the apps out there on Google Play Store, the two apps which are the reason for this post are not limited to mirroring but apart from that they also features other aspects which are sure to be considered. As they are the best in their category.

Pushbullet and Air-droid, these are the two productivity apps which features that awesome notification mirroring feature. I think most of you guys are aware of these apps. If so, get the most of it; If not try them.

Pushbullet :

This is one best app for sharing across multiple devices and with friends. Everything is instant, fast and so reliable in functionality that you will never miss a notification again. Phone call or a whatsapp message whatever app it may be, as soon as the phone receives a notification – pushbullet mirrors the same as it is on chrome desktop.pushbullet nexus and me inbox

The app requires nothing much but an extension/add-on for chrome/firefox and android version 4.0 and up. Adding friends and devices is just a click away. Apart from sending links, pictures, files, to-do lists and more between your devices the app also allows you share the screenshot of the current screen in browser. For this you need to right-click on the open space of the webpage (extreme right or left) > Pushbullet > Push a screenshot of this tab.pushbullet screenshot sharing

Pushing ‘screenshot’ is a superb feature next to ‘phone call’ notifications. The app weights just 1.6 mb in size and is available for free on Google Play Store. NO ADS. So, whatever you seen on web,  just Push it without any second thought to your device or to friends.

Update: You can now reply to messages on WhatsApp, Hangouts, and a bunch more messaging apps right from the Pushbullet notification on your computer.

Google Play Store :  Pushbullet

Google Chrome : Extension

Firefox : Add-on


Airdroid 2 :

This is one hassle free app which wiped off all my tensions. Yes, tensions! in my office my boss won’t like guys playing with phones so he used to scold them literally as soon as he see. So, we are afraid to use even though we have free wifi in our office none of us make use of it. Then I came across this app on playstore about 2 years back. Yeah 2 years back from then I never ever caught in my office. So, as soon as I login to my system the very first thing what I used to do is, will pair the device with Airdroid web app. That’s it, and from then the show starts.

I used to copy files to and fro, move files from one folder to another, used to send and receive SMS, can see my battery status, can copy links to clipboard for later, and today’s feature the notification mirroring is also included in this app.

Airdroid is one must have app. Coming to  the apps availability and requirements it is totally free, no ads and weights just 11mb in size. The app has it own web app what all you need to do is just pair the device with the web app by scanning the qr-code and then there you go. The whole content in your android device is right on your screen. The app require same wifi connection and is available for almost all the devices (Android version 2.2 and up).

Google Play Store :  Airdroid 2

Airdroid : Webapp

Note :  To turn Notification Mirroring on/off you can find the option under Settings > Accessibility.

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