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Two smart ways to find apps, contacts and media files in seconds

Google Gesture Search and Search Now

Scrolling down the app drawer and finding an app is never been an easy task as far as I know. As the number of apps increasing day by day and thus the installations. This, finally resulting in more than 100+ apps by the end of a month or two. Though the Google now has the open apps feature but is limited to only some apps which are popular. The voice search is not as reliable as Google states and surely depends on the accent of his/her. Lets leave the Google Now for a while because even if it finds the app it takes time to load, and requires an active internet connection all the time. And one main thing is that no one uses it when in public as it seems weird to others speaking to phone. :p

So lets put a check to this issue. One smart way to find apps or contacts is by using gestures and everyone should adopt this way of getting things done as they are the future and the other is a floating search app; which is persistent to a corner of the screen for quick access.

1. Google Gesture Search  :

This is that awesome app we are here about. The app could be considered over Google Now for finding apps and contacts because it works offline. There is nothing much to state as the name itself implies what it does. Install the app let it index all the apps, contacts, music, settings, bookmarks on phone for the first time and you are good to go. Just draw the letters or numbers on the screen and Gesture search starts refining search results as you add each gesture and becomes better as it learns from your search history. You and me both of us know how unique and smart the gestures are, right!

The video above features Google gesture search in action and the screen recording is done using Gravity, an Xposed Module. To know more on How-to ? Go through the links down below…

Xposed Frameworks, Features Modules and Installation :Explanied!


Top 10 Xposed Modules you need know

And to download this app go through the play store link down below.

Google Play Store : Google Gesture Search

2. Search Now :

Search Now, though the name seems similar to Google Now but has its own way of approach and functionality. The apps functionality is some what similar to ava find for PC, which keeps the cache of all the apps, bookmarks, contacts, music, system settings, calender and even videos too. So, as you start writing down the name of a file or contact or app or video the results start popping out instantaneously. And one +1 thing about this app is its floating feature. Irrespective of whatever app or screen you are on the search now has it presence to one corner of the screen undisturbed. Hiding and unhiding the floating search now icon is just a tap away.

Long-press on the floating icon to hide and a tap on the notification to unhide it.  Search now’s User-Interface is simple and clean. Just navigate to “Set search source” under setting and check which categories you want the app to index. That’s it remaining options are upto you “Enable/disable floating point”, “stay in notification”, “the point size and alpha” “search history” and others.

search now, one smart way to find apps contacts and media files in seconds

The app also features a widget similar to Google search. Which is way better than the Google’s widget as it is not upto web search. I am sure you surely replace that persistent Google search bar with this widget. To download this app go through the link down below.

Google Play Store : Search  Now

Still scrolling down the app drawer in alphabetical order for an app? Just say good  bye to that heck and get one from here. Nexus and Me recommends Search Now over Google Gesture search because

(i) Search now also includes video and calender search.

(ii) Ability to search from any screen without exiting the current app, which is indeed a multi-tasking way of searching the web and your device.

(iii) And the results are sorted out by categories and not clumsy whereas in Google Gesture Search if we draw a letter all the apps, contacts and songs are listed down in a single list irrespective of their category.

So that’s a brief comparison, it is up to you which one to choose.

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