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Uber for Android : Your Personal Private Driver

Uber for Android : Your Personal Private Driver

Hailing a cab in busy cities is not always easy, the awful experience of encountering a rude driver, a smelly car or being charged additional fees can easily ruin a great night and make you reconsider taking a cab next time you go out. The simplest way to avoid these problems, but also to impress friends and ensure a spotless drive, is to hire a personal driver. While this doesn’t seem like an option for most of us, Uber for android is the perfect solution to the problem, an on-demand private driver, who’s always sharply dressed, comes to pick you up in the fanciest vehicle in town and makes sure you’re seated comfortably during your trip.

Creating an account is easy and to make things easier still the app will even use your camera to capture your credit card number so you don’t have to waste time typing them in. There is no approval process, or delay so you can use Uber for android straight away. Your credit card information is stored securely and you won’t need to have your card with you next time you ride an Uber. The amount will automatically be charged when you step out of the car, but don’t worry, your financial details are safe with Uber. Once you complete the registration process, you’re all set and can request a cab immediately. The app is incredibly simple. A map automatically pinpoints your location based on your smartphone’s GPS, or if you know you are moving, or that’s not 100 per cent correct you can define it yourself.

Uber for Android - Your Personal Private Driver

Uber for Android : Your Personal Private Driver

The only notable limitation we see with Uber for android is that you don’t always have a clear picture of the price you’ll be charged. We advise you to check it carefully before requesting a cab in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, even if it seems pricey, riding with Uber for android has always been a pleasure for us, nice cars, friendly drivers and hassle-free experience. Because we’ve come to know the service very well, we can really recommend it to our readers. You won’t be disappointed by the great and reliable quality!

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