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Water your body – Tasker : Profile 11

Water your body Tasker Profile 11 NexusandMe

This guide is about reminding yourself on timely basis about a certain task/work. Water your body is an example profile which explains how to make use of the push bullet’s tasker plugin, IF Else conditions, notify sound and task repetition options. If you haven’t gone through the recent updates “What’s New” section of pushbullet on Google Play Store then you may now have to. They recently extended their support for tasker, you can find the option “push a notification” under plugins. Though the tasker has the notify, notify sound, notify vibrate and other but they aren’t as easy as ‘push bullet plugin’ to work out with.

Water your body : How to?

Should have pushbullet preinstalled on your mobile and chrome (PC). Download links at the end of the post.

Here the task is, the phone should remind us about drinking water for every 2 hours from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. And if conneceted to wifi/bluetooth, instead of notification the profile should push a notification to PC or other device on which we were working. Lets get started.

Water your Body

  1. Open Tasker, don’t have then download it from here.
  2. Under Profile Tab, Tap that “+” button at the bottom and select “Time”. Set the Time From 9.00 AM – TO 9:00 PM (21:00) and Repeat : every 2 hours. Now tap the back button at left side top corner. Now name the Task as “push” and tap the right button.Time context Task Repetition
  3. Now in Task Edit, tap that “+” button at bottom > Plugin > “Push a Notification”.  Select the “To” device (PC or Tab) and then set a Custom Message and Title. ‘OK’ and get back to Task Edit.Push Bullet Tasker Plugin Nexus and Me
  4. Now create another task by hitting that “+” button at bottom > Alert > “Notify Sound”. Same as above Set a custom Title, Message, Icon and hit the back button.

Long-press on the profile and name it as “Water your body”

Wifi Connected

This is another profile you need to create.

  1. Under Profiles Tab – Tap the “+” button at bottom > State > Net > Wifi Conneceted > tap the search button and select the ‘wifi’ to which you were connected and come back. Now name the task as “connected” and tap the right button. In Task Edit > tap “+” button at bottom > alert > flash > connected. When done get back to profiles tab.

Water Your Body Tasker Profile 11 Nexus and Me

Long-press on the profile and name it as “Wifi Connected”

IF ELSE condition

Should be written under “Water your body” profile. The if else condition is for

IF : the device isn’t connected to wifi/bluetooth – “Notify Sound”

Else : “Push a Notification” to PC/Tab

  1. Under “Water your body” > ‘Task Edit’ create an ‘IF’ condition. For this tap the “+” button > Task > IF.

Condition :

%PACTIVE (!~) *Wifi Connected*

IF Condition Water your body Tasker Nexus and Me

Tap the back button and drag the “Notify Sound” under IF condition.

  1. Again Under “Water your body” > ‘Task Edit’ create an ‘Else’ condition. For this tap the “+” button > Task > ELSE. That’s it, nothing to enter just tap the back button at left side top corner to get back to ‘Task Edit’.
  2. Now drag the ““Push a Notification” task under Else.

The whole thing should be as shown in the below image.

IF Else condition Water Your body Nexus and Me

That’s it, now test the profile by switching the wifi on/off.  This is how the push bullet notification appear on PC.

Pushbullet notification plugin Tasker

If you struck at any point or the task  isn’t triggering then feel free to ask using below comment section. This is the eleventh profile created using tasker, if you haven’t gone through my previous posts about tasker and its profiles then go through the link down below.


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