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Xposed Frameworks, Features Modules and Installation :Explanied!

xposed frameworks nexusandme

Xposed Frameworks is one such application which has the ability to change or modifying or add features that doesn’t exists or allow us to do to our System UI and that too without effecting the Operating System. For example: In Nexus devices we don’t have the ability to change the standard navigation bar but with Xposed we can port those back, home and recent apps with a different icons set. Xposed also allows us to customize all those annoying apps that appear under “share with” and “open with”, ads in Youtube, Pop-ups in chrome that pops while downloading an apk or any other application and many more.

This is nothing but tweaking your System UI though the features may seem small but matters a lot at times when needed and shows a drastic increase in performance and battery when enabled. The above examples are just modules. Actually, here what we need is an application called Xposed frameworks which requires Root permissions. Next comes the modules, these could be considered as plugins. Just like chrome extensions, without chrome we cant use those extensions on store. The same implies here without Xposed the modules won’t work. There are number of modules available for download. Every module has their own unique feature and functionality.

Xposed Frameworks has 4 main sections. They are

1. Frameworks : Here in Xposed installer the Framework is nothing but a user-written code that we are going to add to the system in order to make those little changes which we think could enhance the interface with the help of modules.

2. Modules :  The Framework itself doesn’t add any functionality. You need modules for that. In this section you can activate modules after you have installed them.

3. Download : This section in Xposed gives you access to a repository of modules, so you can search and download the ones you like and keep them up to date. It is advised to go through the description of the module first before you begin downloading.

4. Settings : This section allows you to configure the Xposed Installer and framework.

Installation and Setup Guide:

Xposed framework, as stated above requires Root. If you haven’t rooted your device yet then go ahead and root the device. If you are a Nexus 4 owner then go through the link down below.

Finally Nexus 4 OTA is out – Here’s how to install the KRT16s OTA update over KRT160 manually ??

It is advised to take a full nandroid backup of your device with TWRP or CWM and make sure you know how to restore it!

Steps :

1. Download and install the Xposed Installer from here! 

2. Launch the application, tap the “Framework” option and click on “Install/Update“. It then download or installs the required files for the device and then asks to reboot the device.

In case you get a Segmentation Fault error, please install this additional app (not needed if the installation worked fine).



Xposed frameworks nexusandme

Top 10 Modules you need know


1. Advanced Power Menu : with this module you can add options like reboot, reboot into recovery, screenshot, mobile data, airplane mode etc under power menu. And one new feature the developer recently added is the Anti-theft helper. This feature on enabling disables the power off, airplane mode, reboot options on lockscreen. So the thief left with no option to turn the device off. In this way no one can stop Android Device Manger from locating your lost phone.

2. Custom Share : Configure only those apps you like to see under “share with” and in “open with” list.

3. ViewInPlay : This module adds ‘View in play” menu to the recent apps (long press popup menu), notification long press menu and in app info screen under (settings > my apps).

4. Gel Settings: This is an advanced settings interface to the Google Experience launcher. Using this module you can hide Google’s persistent search bar, can customize grid sizes of both home screen and app drawer, can increase or decrease the icon and text size, hiding labels and more.

Google experience launcher settings nexusandme xposed

5. Youtube AdAway : Helps in getting rid of those annoying ads and branding layers in Youtube.

6. Recent Tasks Ram : This module adds a bar at the top of recent tasks screen showing the amount of used/free RAM.

7. Instagram Downloader : Downloading pictures from instagram is not possible but with this module you can. This module adds a download button under picture menu. Just tap the three dots button of  a picture in instagram and select download.

8. MasterKey Multi Fix: This module fixes vulnerability issues while download apps from browser and the apps from other sources.

9. Boot Manager : Runs only the apps you want at system start.

10. Gravity Box : This module’s primary goal is to provide the users of AOSP devices with a tweak box to turn their vanilla AOSP ROM into custom ROM packed with additional features and tweaks without need to flash anything. Some features include qucik settings tile management, lockscreen tweaks, power tweaks, screen recording and more.

There is one more module I should have listed in the top 10 but there are apps featuring the same on Google play. To be frank this one is more reliable than the one on the Google play store. And the module is…

11. Full Screen CallerID FOR Kitkat : this module displays a a full screen call card but is limited to kitkat only.

*Interested then search all the above modules by name in download section.

There are plenty of modules under download section. So, go ahead and download, as advised before go through the description first and later the screen shots. Each module is an app better you create a folder for modules esp. in App Drawer.

So, this is what you can do with Xposed Framework. This apps takes you to a next level an expert level of customizing and tweaking. Once installed and set the modules to their respective tasks fromthen there is No Looking Back.

Note : I tried Xposed framework and all the above modules on my Nexus 5 (Rooted) and are working great without any issues. No idea about other OEM devices. If you are a guy with rooted Nexus 5 in hand then just try this awesome massive application.

Nexus and me suggest this as a second must have application to try out. where the earlier one is the Tasker.

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